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It’s not called the Britannia for nothing. The name of Stoke City FC’s stadium – changed to that of a betting company this season admittedly – reflects the pride of one of the British Empire’s great industrial centres, a pride still vivid today, in the city itself and the nation it inhabits. With that comes a natural desire for independence from the European Union. Stoke is not alone, further to the north in Copeland, where feelings of neglect by Westminster ring just as loudly, voters rejected the Establishment yesterday, just as they did at the EU referendum in June.

Thursday’s by-elections were a crushing defeat for anti-Brexit forces as both Stoke and Copeland delivered big victories for pro-independence parties. The combined votes of the Tories and UKIP trumped the results achieved by Remainers, the Liberal Democrats, Labour, and the Green Party. The Government increased its majority with a historic win in Copeland as it prepares for possible parliamentary turmoil against the House of Lords and UKIP improved on its 2015 performance in Stoke, putting pressure on Corbyn’s Labour party. There’s work to do but the forces for national independence remain strong.
Earlier in the week, Brexit Secretary David Davis exposed the government’s soft stance on immigration warning that it would take “years and years” to cut migration from the EU across various sectors of the economy. Has the man who was once a figure of hope for Brexiteers across the country contracted a bad case of Establishment liberalism.

Davis had previously floated the mad idea of continuing to pay for single market access, even before the European Commission declared its intention to extract €60bn from the UK taxpayer.

His intervention became even more horrifying after the release of the latest immigration figures from the ONS which showed EU immigration outpacing migration from the rest of the world combined.

Net migration figures were down on the year before but still too high to be sustainable. We need to get a handle on this problem and ensure we’re only getting the brightest and best from around the world.

This was the week the House of Lords involved itself in the Brexit process as the second reading of the government’s Article 50 bill began in the upper chamber. Theresa May showed some rare courage, sitting before the House’s unelected cronies, reminding them that Brexit possesses infinitely greater democratic legitimacy than they do. The Lords must not stand in its way.

The usual suspects tried to throw a spanner in the works including disgraced figures like Peter Mandelson and Neil Kinnock, both of whom have benefited financially from the EU project as former unelected commissioners. The bill will now move to the committee stage for amendments and then to a third and final reading. After that, there will be nothing to stop the article being triggered.

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In economic news: new figures show fourth quarter GDP growth has been even higher than previously thought, proving that Brexit has been a boon for the British economy; a former minister hailed Brexit’s potential to cut food bills as consumers remained optimistic about EU withdrawal; global sales of British food and drink hit an all-time high as exporters expressed huge confidence ahead of the Article 50 notice; new stats show factories picking up pace this month; Amazon created thousands of new jobs as the tech sector continues to support an independent United Kingdom; Barclays posted huge pre-tax profits as its chief executive backed Brexit Britain; and Morgan Stanley warned that the pound is undervalued.

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