Brexit Means a More Global Britain

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Whilst the majority of MPs are off on holiday, leading figures from the UK government have been travelling the globe on a major diplomatic offensive. Dr Liam Fox, Britain’s new International Trade Secretary, has toured the United States seeking out further opportunities for trade. Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Secretary, has been in Paris providing assurances of continued British support for France during this highly troubled time. Speaking in French, Mr Johnson said how he hoped the two countries would “face many challenges ahead together as friends and allies”. The Prime Minister herself has also been touring the continent, speaking to her European counterparts, as part of her diplomatic offensive ahead of Brexit negotiations. Theresa May should bear in mind the abject failure of David Cameron’s European tours and his failure to negotiate meaningful reforms to our relationship with Europe. We hope she will have learnt from her predecessor’s mistakes.

Mrs May has been very fond of using the phrase “Brexit means Brexit” to reassure voters and to hide the fact she was a Remain campaigner. We have written a blog explaining how the only form of Brexit which will be acceptable to the British public is a free trade agreement with the EU, which does not include free movement of people. Any attempt to stay in the EU via the back door of the European Economic Area would be a betrayal of the voters and must not be allowed to happen. (How Brexit can mean Brexit)

We are delighted to hear Dr Fox believes the best deal for Britain would be a wide-ranging free trade agreement with the EU, and not remaining in the Single Market. He has come out against membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), which would mean we would continue to have free movement of people with the EU, even if there is a 7-year break – this would still mean free movement would resume sometime in the mid-2020s. This is not an acceptable deal, given that 17.4 million Brits voted for Brexit, to ensure Britain once again gets controls over our borders. The Great British Public voted to take back control and to restore the authority and accountability of Parliament and this can only be achieved outside the Single Market.

It looks like Dr Fox is going to be a very busy man. Once we are out of the EU, we can take back control of the United Kingdom – and sign our own free trade agreements with many countries already knocking on our door. In total there are 27 countries around the world, signalling their intent to forge a free trade deal with Britain. They include 8 of the largest 10 economies in the world, including Brazil, China and the USA – in total they represent just over two thirds of World GDP. Countries from every continent want a trade deal with Britain and we are once again on the cusp of being a global trading nation.

We wrote for Huffington Post, explaining why a trade deal is in the mutual interest of the UK and the EU. Trade will carry on because the UK is such an important market to the EU. To refuse to trade would be the most extraordinary act of spite, and would be a case of cutting off their nose in order to spite their face. There is a deep understanding of this in Germany, where senior politicians – right up to Merkel herself – are calling for a conciliatory tone in Brexit negotiations. A Brexit punishment – contrary to popular belief – would not dissuade other countries from leaving the EU, but would encourage others to jump ship, specifically Ireland. An EU which fails to create trade deals of mutual benefit to all parties involved, will not strengthen the EU, but weaken it. (An EU Trade War Would Destroy the European Project)

Now we have voted for Brexit, we must set a new course for Britain. We must re-engage with the wider world through the Commonwealth. Our most recent blog on the issue explains how a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement could fuel the British economy for years to come, due its size and potential for growth. Additionally, a revived and revitalised Commonwealth would aid British security as well as reinstating Britain as world leader. (Britain’s Future is with the Commonwealth)

There was some suggestion last weekend of the EU offering the UK temporary curbs on immigration in return for access to the Single Market. The Daily Express quoted our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, who said: “The EU seems to have been shaken by Brexit. But we must have control of our own borders and not a time-limited sticking plaster.” Remaining in the Single Market would not allow genuine control over our laws or our borders. Get Britain Out believes this must be a “red line” in Brexit negotiations. (Brussels deal keeping Britain from being fully independent of EU sparked fury)

This week has seen more companies announce significant investments in the UK. Of particular interest are: GlaxoSmithKline, which has announced £275 million of fresh investment in three of its manufacturing sites in the UK; London City Airport has announced a £344 million expansion; and Deutsche Börse’s shareholders have overwhelmingly approved its merger with the London Stock Exchange. (Regarding the latter, with both the LSE and Deutsche Börse’s shareholders now supporting this deal, the companies now have to convince the 40-plus regulators globally to sign off the creation of this dominant European market operator.) Considering the high profile of these companies during the Remain camp’s Project Fear, it appears they have made a rather swift U-turn on Brexit.

Last week, UKIP’s Parliamentary Spokesperson and former Vote Leave board member Suzanne Evans wrote an exclusive article for Get Britain Out. Suzanne argues “Brexit is going to be brilliant. It will open up a huge new world of opportunity. Already the world is queuing up to offer us free trade deals. Significantly, some of the countries first off the starting block are top 10 world economies the EU has failed to sign deals with, despite trying for years: countries like Canada, the USA and India. We should have international free trade deals ready to be signed the moment we leave the EU.” (Suzanne Evans: What Will Brexit Look Like?) Unfortunately, Suzanne has been denied a place on the ballot paper for the coming UKIP leadership election due to her suspension – which only comes to an end after the nominations close. We wish her well.

This week has seen the appointment of Michel Barnier as Brussels’ chief negotiator for Brexit. The 65-year old former cabinet minister is a member of the centre-right Les Republicains party and a passionate and committed Europhile. Mr Barnier is the former European Commissioner and long-term ally of European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. Considering Mr Barnier’s reputation as a tough negotiator and a hardliner on the financial sector, this will be of concern to the City. He was once described as “the most dangerous man in Europe”, and his past hostilities with the UK – which he blames for losing his job as the European Commissioner for Financial Services – his appointment is highly provocative. In an article for Breitbart we explained how this confrontational approach towards Brexit taken by Brussels will damage the EU in the long run. It is clear the EU’s current leadership must change course, or else they will ensure the destruction of the European project. (The EU Must Change or Collapse)

We appreciate your support and your opinions too. If you check out our website regularly, as well as our social media, you will find lots of information to continue to inform you, your friends and colleagues about what is going on with the negotiations and what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so.


Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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