Brexit still means Brexit




I wanted to get in touch and tell you what I’m thinking after last week’s election result.


Theresa May is back in 10 Downing Street but leading a minority government; those who always wanted to remain in the EU are saying we should now have a ‘soft’ Brexit that keeps us in the Single Market. They are wrong.

The election wasn’t about Brexit. The Conservatives lost because they ran a bad campaign with unpopular policies like the dementia tax and replacing free school lunches. Labour’s policies attracted the backing of young voters. But both parties promised to leave the EU – that’s what over 80% of the electorate voted for.

In a few days we will celebrate the anniversary of the June 2016 referendum, when the British people expressed their will to leave the EU and take back control of our laws, borders, trade and money. Democracy demands that we implement the referendum decision. We are leaving the EU and that is the first task of this elected parliament.

Change Britain will support the government to implement the referendum result during the Brexit negotiations, which are set to start in the next few days. Britain goes into these with a strong negotiating hand and we will negotiate with the EU as its equal – the world’s 6th largest economy, and Europe’s strongest military power.

Change Britain will also work with other organisations who share our view that Brexit creates an exciting opportunity for national renewal. We want to help the government use Brexit to make Britain a stronger, fairer and more prosperous country.

I’ll be back in touch soon with more on our plans.

Best wishes

Gisela Stuart, Change Britain