Brexit wil be a Leap into Freedom


“Brexit is a leap into the dark” has become the favourite phrase of the Prime Minister. He does not seem to understand the migration crisis is expected to get much much worse. There will be another million refugees or more making their way into Europe this year, with no possibility of accommodating them in jobs, housing and the NHS or whatever medical care they will need. The borders are going up across Europe – yesterday Belgium reintroduced border controls with France, with the pending bulldozing of the Calais ‘jungle’ – and the threat of forcing Greece out of the Schengen Zone, leaving them high and dry and on the verge of collapse. Added to this, the ever-persistent Eurozone crisis threatens to force even more economic misery on Europe. Brexit is not a “leap into dark”. Staying inside the collapsing EU is! Leaving the EU will be a leap into freedom…

Cameron’s so-called ‘deal’ with the EU was finally announced late last Friday evening. As we expected, the deal is not even worth the paper it was written on. Effectively a 1% change if it ever gets to treaty change!

Let’s at least try to understand the “reforms” Cameron is offering us:
• A revision of future EU Treaties – which legally changes nothing.
Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel concedes this may never happen! Certainly not for the next decade – with French President Hollande confirming no treaty changes or revisions are even planned!

• Cameron’s removal of Britain’s commitment to “Ever Closer Union” – which has been rubbished as legally irrelevant by many within the European Establishment.

• Cameron also claims he has succeeded in protecting Britain’s benefits’ system. Yet all he has come back with is a brake – which will only last for 7 years – and with no details on this until after the referendum vote!!

This all means by 2024 we will be back where we all started. Is this really the big victory Cameron has been trumpeting?
Of course not!!
It’s not an end to uncontrolled mass immigration from the EU. It might not even result in a slight pause. The EU wants to continue its onward march down the road to deeper integration and a federal European super-state.

Cameron’s recent ratcheting up of ‘Project Fear’ increased this week. It started with wheeling out some businesses signing a ‘support’ letter. However, the list was greatly shortened as many big businesses refused to sign!

Then on Wednesday a letter was circulated, signed by a few top former military defence staff, in an attempt to garner popular support for Cameron’s so-called “reforms”. Of huge embarrassment to No 10, one decorated ex-Special Forces chief, General Sir Michael Rose was furious with Cameron, as he did not authorise his name to be added to the signatories. When General Sir Michael returns from New Zealand, he is owed a huge apology from David Cameron as he has publicly announced he never wanted to sign Cameron’s letter – even though his name appeared at the bottom!

You may have also heard, the Prime Minister has banned all the Brexit government ministers from accessing vital briefings and documents which relate to the European Union. He has also banned civil servants from working with them – even if it’s necessary for their ministerial work.

What is Cameron so afraid of?

Clearly, if the Prime Minister wants his government to function properly, he should have achieved proper reforms during his “renegotiations” with the EU. He didn’t.

Conservative blogger, Robert Barnes, wrote an exclusive article on the renegotiation deal and the expected dirty tricks and scaremongering being used by the Remain side. (Don’t Look Now…. The Scaremongering has already started!)

We also commented on some of the lies being spouted by those who wish to Remain. Our Campaign Director Jayne Adye, had a letter published in the Evening Standard condemning Sadiq Khan’s claims a Brexit would be “catastrophic” and “irresponsible” (The EU referendum debate begins). And in the Charity Times Jayne shot down the myth leaving the EU would affect the income of British charities (‘In’ campaign warns Brexit could deliver major income hit for UK charities).

The European Parliament’s debate on Cameron’s renegotiation was a huge demonstration of its complete failure. Despite repeated assurances from Cameron his deal is legally binding, this debate threw his claims not only into doubt, but exposed them as blatant lies and falsehoods. Four of the European Parliament’s group leaders were scathing about the deal – raising huge doubts about whether Cameron’s benefits’ package will ever actually be passed into legislation.

With Cameron’s deal a total flop, many of his MPs – including his Cabinet Ministers – came out in support of Leaving the EU. The most iconic of these being Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. You can read their personal reasons for supporting Brexit on our website via the links at the bottom of the page. (Statement from Michael Gove MP on joining the Leave Campaign & Boris Johnson – There is only one way to get the change we want – vote to leave the EU)

Rob Comley, one of our researchers, spotted a recent billboard ad campaign for Scotch Beef reading: ENJOY. IT’S FROM EUROPE’. We point out the blatantly patronising EU-propaganda, so you are prepared for more EU-funded skulduggery! After all – the EU has far more to lose by Brexit than Britain! (Are You Ready For An EU Propaganda Overload?)

One person who has definitely NOT come out for Remaining inside the EU is Prince William. In a statement latched on by the mainstream media, Prince William highlighted the need “to unite in common action with other nations”. Those calling for a Brexit want to work with nations both in and outside the EU, without the need for political union with them. Get Britain Out had letters published in response to this in both The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph. (Letters: Ministers must have the backbone to reject an inadequate EU deal)

Here’s the Daily Mail letter:

In light of the latest trade figures released from the Office of National Statistics, we have exposed the defeatism of the IN crowd and explained why Brexit is looking rosier by the day. British exports to the EU are now less than half – at 47%. 10 years ago this was 62%. In addition, the EU’s share of the world’s economy is rapidly falling as the rest of the world grows apace. This just goes to show, Britain’s future lies with the growing digital global economies – not with the increasingly failing analogue EU! (Trade figures prove Britain’s future lies outside the EU)

With a huge 31% of 18-24 year olds admitting they could decide to vote to Leave the EU, and with a further 10% totally undecided, young people could play a big part in the EU referendum. This just goes to show, young Britons are not as pro-EU as you might expect. They admit they simply haven’t had enough information to understand what it’s all about yet in order to make this vital decision about their future and the future of the United Kingdom. (Young Britons Hold the Key to Brexit Door)

George West, President of The Campaign for an Independent Britain, has written two very eloquent letters. One to David Cameron, criticising him for his stance on Britain’s weak defences while being part of the European Union, and one to Jeremy Corbyn, reminding him the UK cannot nationalise certain industries – like the railways – whist we are still a Member State of the EU. Please read these letters attached to the bottom of this e-bulletin.

Cameron’s so-called ‘deal’ does not cut it. He has won no concessions, and the leaders of the other EU Member States are laughing at him. He is appearing more and more ridiculous – just like the Emperor with transparent clothes in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes. Cameron seems to believe he has won amazing concessions, but in reality, surely he must realise he has gained nothing!

Brussels has made it clear this will be Britain’s only referendum. Our last chance to vote on whether we want to be a member of the failing European Union. Hooray…

EU PLEASE NOTE : WE’VE GOT NEWS FOR YEU. We are a proud and global sovereign nation and we want to be able to make our own laws, in our own parliament – in Westminster not Brussels! This is OUR chance to finally Get Britain Out of the crippling EU.


The Team at Get Britain Out

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