Brick shortage in the UK


With brick making sites decreasing from 80 to 50 in the last 7 years, the UK is experiencing a major brick shortage which is expected to have a run-on effect to the key recovery sectors of Housing and Construction. We have just been appointed as media relations adviser to the largest British producer of hand made and machine bricks and pavers and I wanted to see if you were interested in covering the story from either a marco-economic or building and construction angle.




The Company, Michelmersh Brick Holdings, has a significant site close to Haywards Heath in Sussex (45 mins from London Bridge) .


CEO Martin Warner is qualified to comment on the industry, the shortage of bricks and also the heritage that this industry holds in UK manufacturing. Michelmersh has five leading market brands and runs a quarry to lorry service in the industry. With brickworks rapidly reducing in numbers today,the housing and construction industry, with a follow on effect to the wider UK economy, is facing a challenging period ahead. Michelmersh is a ‘Best of Britain story’

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