British taxpayers should not shell out for migrant welfare payments


It is utterly wrong that 407,000 non-UK nationals are receiving benefits. The fact that this has risen by more than 118,000 since 2008 is especially worrying and UKIP thinks that a fresh approach must be taken to tackle this soaring cost.


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Lets be clear: British taxpayers should not be paying for the benefits of those who chose to come here.

We must take back control of our borders. Our open border policy as per our membership of the European Union has meant that almost 50,000 migrants from Eastern Europe are now claiming benefits in Britain. This must stop.
We welcome migrants, but only those who we need and who bring expertise to Britain. In a time of extraordinary economic hardship for our own citizens, taxpayers cannot subsidize the lives of those from other countries.

UKIP is clear that extending open borders next year to Romania and Bulgaria is likely to only increase the burden on British citizens. We stand against this and urge the government to act.

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