Britons Get Referendum on Europe


Britons get a referendum on a referendum on Europe

A UKIP petition demanding a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU has been launched in the biggest-ever call to arms on the right to have a say over Europe. 2 million leaflets are currently being printed in support of the petition, designed to keep the pressure on the ‘traditional’ parties after all broke a clear manifesto commitment to hold a referendum on the European Constitution (renamed as the Lisbon Treaty).

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “This is a real chance for the people of Great Britain to show that they are sick of being lied to and that they want a say over our continuing membership of the European Union. We want to send a message loud and clear to the next Government of Great Britain that the people are not prepared to be ignored and demand that they be given their say.”

You can sign the petition here. If you know of anyone – friends, family or colleagues – who would be willing to sign this petition, please pass the information on to them.

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