Brussels Mandates Cold Coffee







We recently brought to the public’s attention more ludicrous EU diktats – this time targeting Britain’s filter coffee machines. This is apparently to save what would be no doubt a miniscule amount of energy. From next January, coffee-machines will have to automatically turn off after an hour leaving people with cold coffee. I was quoted in the Sun on Saturday( £):  “Not content with the £55 million they take from Britain every day, our European masters have now come after our hot coffee. More than one in five Britons own a coffee machine and could be affected by this latest diktat from Brussels.” The story appeared in the Sunday Telegraph the day after along with the Daily Express online.

Clearly we are a nation of coffee lovers – it’s a national pastime to sit and reflect on the world and chat to our friends.  Most of us certainly appreciate a machine keeping our coffee hot long after it was brewed. This pointless rule came down not from anybody you elected. No Member of Parliament drafted these regulations or voted for them. They came from the European Commission and there was nothing we could do about it. Parliament cannot repeal the diktat, except by the labourious process of painstakingly negotiating a consensus with other countries in the EU.

Furthermore, I weighed in on the furore surrounding UKIP’s posters with a piece in The Huffington Post. It is rare for political posters to raise an eyebrow in Britain but UKIP managed to trigger fury and debate. Commentators were split down the middle between liberals foaming at the mouth, and those who shrugged their shoulders.

Many of the outbursts from politicians like Labour’s Mike Grapes MP who called the posters racist, and Labour’s Keith Vaz MP who said UKIP had “lowered the tone of the European debate”.  Yet the likes of Keith Vaz want to silence the facts on the EU and quash serious debate on the issue.

The establishment is terrified of facing those issues: how unbalanced free movement reduces jobs and pay, and how Brussels writes the 75% of our laws. As public opinion shifts in our favour, the establishment knows they are in trouble because they don’t have the answers and the debate is not one they can win.

The Traditional Unionist Voice party leader Jim Allister also weighed in today, condemned our membership of the EU: “We pour £17billion per annum into Brussels and even with the rebate and grants we get back barely half. Our input represents a staggering daily cost of £23.6million or £1million every hour! “According to my estimates, it’s closer to £2.3million per hour! An important point: minute by minute, hour by hour, the sums we pay to Brussels are not meagre trifles, but a drain on the life-blood of the nation.

These are questions the establishment can’t answer and would prefer to silence. Utterly terrified of engaging deeper in the debate they can’t win. The pro-EU establishment has to bury the facts beneath a shroud of smears. The media and political establishment are working together to distract the public and draw attention away from asking questions about our EU membership. The point remains: it is the most vulnerable who are hurt by the open door policy of the EU. It is the unelected pen pushers who make most of our law and make a mockery of our democracy.

We approach the upcoming European elections on May 22nd. It is now time for the Great British Public to ensure we’re registered and ready to vote against federalism. Rebellion is brewing against the political elite which has ruined Europe and now is the time to hammer home our message.

The Great British Public must throw away the comfort blanket and learn to stand on our own two feet. Get Britain Out wants an In/Out referendum as soon as possible, to make our own choices on the way we live our lives.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad, Acting Campaign Manager
Get Britain Out