UKIP Leader Nigel Farage argues:

“It’s all well and good for the PM to talk about slashing red tape. In reality Britain’s hands are tied by EU membership.



“Since this government came to power, more than 3,500 EU regulations have been hung round the necks of British businesses. That’s over 13 million words of additional regulation since 2010 under David Cameron as Prime Minister.

“We must get real. The burden of regulation on businesses, especially small to medium sized enterprises, can only seriously be dealt with once we leave the EU. Until then, the blizzard of burdensome dictats from Brussels will continue to make life harder for entrepreneurs in the UK, and renders Britain’s economy farless vibrant that it has the potential to be.

“Mr. Cameron also made the point that people want an immigration system with proper controls. Yet he estimated that migration from Romania and Bulgaria has so far been ‘reasonable’ based on zero evidence as we of course have a completely open door thanks to his government.

“UKIP’s policy of work permits for economic migrants is the type of sensible approach that the British public want and why UKIP is now the most trusted party on immigration.

“Only by leaving the EU, we can unlock Britain’s true economic potential.”

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