Cameron and the IN-crowd try to scare us this Halloween


Chicken Dave has chickened out of 9 out of 10 red line essential reforms demands and now intends to rely on scaring voters

A week is a long time in politics, let alone a fortnight. The EU has revealed David Cameron will have to provide a written set of demands before the EU Council on 17-18 December – so far in two years he has produced nothing – so none of the Member States even know what he is asking for! Downing Street originally said this letter to the Council would be confidential, but this was rightly overturned and the letter will now be available for public viewing sometime in November. The public have waited forty years for this referendum and it’s only right the whole process is totally transparent. Embarrassingly for the Prime Minister, research from Vote Leave revealed nearly nine out of ten of David Cameron’s pledges leaked so far to change the EU, are not going to be deliverable. That’s very awkward for ‘Call me Dave’!

It is important to remember the outcome of these renegotiations is irrelevant. No leader has ever come back and said ‘Sorry guys, I have no deal for you.’ Whatever happens, Cameron will dress up absolutely squat as a great triumph. Just like Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement deal in 1938, it won’t exist. Cameron will wave around an imaginary, useless piece of paper with nothing written on it, hoping it will satisfy the growing unrest of the Great British Public. We are not fools. The only way to get a better UK-EU relationship is to vote to leave the European Union.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has also come out strongly in favour of the United Kingdom remaining in the EU, surprise… surprise. You might like to note the CBI also recommended our joining the Euro and the ERM in the 1990s… By examining the CBI’s relationship with the EU it unsurprising that it supports our continued membership, as leaving would threaten its own status as “the UK’s premier business lobbying organisation”. Don’t forget, the CBI has received over £800,00 over the last five years from the EU – so we guess they are just a bit biased…. Writing for ConHome we have dismissed the recent foray by the CBI as a pathetic attempt to protect its own interests, which are certainly not in the interests of Britishindustry as a whole – or the Great British Public (On the EU, the CBI speaks for itself, not British interests).

We often here Europhiles applauding the role the EU plays in the protection of animals across the globe. However animal trafficking across the continent is rife. Cattle being bussed off to war zones and the recent news the EU’s Scientific Review Group has outrageously decided to make a U-turn on an earlier decision to suspend imports of Elephant hunt trophy imports from Zambia is outrageous. Get Britain Out decided to set the record straight on the Union’s poor animal welfare record. (Elephant Trophies, Puppy Trafficking and Cattle to Warzones… The EU’s so-called ‘Good’ Animal Rights Record).Update – since we published our blog, the EU have now voted to remove funding for bullfighting in Spain!

We also sent a strong message to the pro-EU Remain campaign. STOP purposely using emotive language and lies to con British voters! We explain how the upcoming referendum is a vote on leaving the European Union and not on leaving Europe – as the StrongerIn campaign would have you believe. They must learn the difference between the two! We also discuss how Britain will not have to leave behind the Council of Europe and the European Market. (This Debate Is About the EU, Not About Europe)

On Tuesday one of our research executives Chris Carter spoke on Radio Lola, the pop up radio station of the third year students from the University of Westminster. Chris spoke about why we need to Get Britain Out of the EU, alongside discussing the consequences of Brexit. You can hear the radio interview here.

This week we have seen revelations the EU intends to force UK farmers and landowners to display pro-Brussels billboards on their land advertising the EU – or else they will have to repay all their funding. Bearing in mind Britain will be contributing £14.5 billion to the EU during this financial year and we will only receive £4.1 billion back, the money given to farmers and landowners in the form of the CAP subsidies is not EU money, it comes from British taxpayers! Our Campaign Director Jayne Adye, was quoted in the Daily Mail this week responding to this ridiculous development, highlighting the huge contribution the UK makes in membership fees and how this unsubtle propaganda attempt is an insult to British taxpayers.

In light of our press coverage in the Daily Mail, we also shed light on the astonishing waste of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In what can only be described as one of the EU’s most wasteful and destructive policies, the CAP forces the Great British Public to fork out billions of pounds to subsidise the big farming lobbies in France, Italy and Germany, while the average British family loses hundreds of pounds every year in higher food prices. By leaving the EU, our own farmers would be backed directly by the British government, and we could stop funding this protectionist racket.

Contrary to false EU-funded reports, all Brexit proposals outline plans to match EU spending for our farmers and fishermen for a minimum of five years at the same level as current “EU subsidies”. As Ian Milne, Chairman of Global Britain highlights, the money Britain sends over the Channel is “spent by the EU Commission to subsidise the UK’s competitors”. When Britain stops funding the powerful farming lobbies in Europe, there is no reason to believe British farmers would not thrive post-Brexit. (The Common Agricultural Policy is a Phenomenal EU-Made Disaster)

If the Great British Public decides to vote to stay in the European Union one thing is for certain – our children and our grandchildren will have to grow up in a Britain with less democracy and less power than ever before. This referendum is not about Remaining or Leaving; it’s about going against the status quo and quitting the Union, otherwise we will be swamped by more Brussels’ bureaucracy than ever before.

Finally, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has even admitted the ‘European Union is not going very well’. Well, we all knew that, didn’t we? The quicker we vote to Get Britain Out the better.

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