Cameron Hoped to Hide EUSSR Cash Raid Until After By-Election


“Clueless” Camoron hoped to hide the EUSSR demand for £1.7 Billion extra payments until after the by-election called by Tory defection to Ukip.

The irony of the excessive demand from Brussels is that it has been based on a fiddle of GDP figures by Camoron and Osborne. In their rush to build a very favourable picture of the British economy before the 2015 General Election, they had the GDP calculations fiddled. This included “estimates for the “black” economy with figures for prostitution and the sex slave trade added into the traditional legitimate trade figures. It seems that estimates were also added for other illegal activities, including Putin’s Russian Nazi cronies’ money laundering.

Brussels eagerly seized on these “increases” in GDP as an excuse to steal more money from Britain to prop up the failing Euro Zone countries, with the money divided between the sick economies of Germany and France.

Interestingly, all this happened in early 2013 and the only way that Camoron and Osborne could have not known about the Brussels intended theft was sheer incompetence and a total lack of control over the Civil Servants who certainly knew, many months ago, all about the theft from British taxpayers. That seems very unlikely and if they are not incompetent, Camoron and Osborne have been fraudulent.

It may be that there was collusion with the Eurocrats to conceal this gross and unfair demand for money to further prop up the German and French economic failures. If there was an ungentleman’s agreement to hide the situation, it was blown apart by Junker in a fit of anger and in a very crude attempt at pay back for Camoron’s refusal to back Junker for President .

The further irony is that the situation has caused a further surge in support for Ukip with its policy to make Great Britain Great again and free from control by the undemocratic EUSSR. Camoron and Junker may have shot themselves in both feet. The already significant opinion poll lead for Reckless and Ukip in Rochester was further increased, with the real prospect that it will follow the pattern established in the Clacton by-election where the LibLabCon Party factions were wiped out by Ukip.

If Ukip once more convincingly demonstrates that voting Ukip gets Ukip, there will be many LibLabCon seats going to Ukip in 2015 and the possibility of further defections before then.

It really has been an outstanding ride for Ukip during the last two years. First, they began winning Local Government seats at the Local Government elections, and in LG by-elections, expanding their attack to the Lib and Lab factions of the LibLabCon Party. Then they became the biggest Party in Britain in the European Parliament Election, having come second at the previous Euro Elections. The Establishment laughed this off by claiming that the rotten borough system in the Westminster elections would prevent Ukip from winning any seats. Considering that LG elections are based on the same rotten borough and first-past-the-post voting as the Westminster constituencies, the Establishment may have been overly optimistic. If there was any doubt, Ukip swept to a massive victory at Clacton and now look to repeat the victory at Rochester.

The result is that Ukip is once more reviewing its strategies for the General Election in 2015. Last year, Ukip hoped to be able to win 4-5 seats in 2015. At the beginning of 2014, they began to raise expectations with an intention of making a hard run for twenty seats. Now they are having to replan with a new intent to win 100 seats and the momentum they are building suggests that even 100 seats will be a low estimate. The critical factor is that recent surveys have show 32% of British voters would vote Ukip is they thought it would achieve Ukip’s seats at Westminster. In the same studies, this gives Ukip a lead for the first time over all three factions of the LibLabCon Party. Clacton may have suggested a breakthrough, but Rochester could mean a major upheaval at Westminster.

Ukip has been hugely successful in re-introducing enthusiasm and excitement into local and national elections and raising money from the people, where the LibLabCon Party depends on massive funding from vested interests in big business, banking, unions and oligarchs. Making that voters funding stretch to fully contest every Westminster seat next year will be a huge challenge, but the really interesting factor is that local voters who contribute funds to a political campaign have much more potential power than the vested interests that have supported and exploited the LibLabCon Party. The added success factor at Clacton, and likely to be repeated at Rochester, is that the LibLabCon Party has flooded the two constituencies with almost all of their MPs, their war machines and funding. At a General Election, the Ukip system is likely to field almost as much support at a General Election as in the two by-elections BUT the LibLabCon Party will be forced to divide their assets across their candidates because the three factions no longer have “safe” seats. As the days pass to the 2015 elections, the LibLabCon safe seats will become increasingly marginal.

Potentially, Ukip could do well in every constituency and could even win a working majority at Westminster in a major upset for the crooks and fraudsters who have backed LibLabCon and its expenses swindling MPs.

People’s Power in Great Britain is now Ukip.

The most exciting prospect is that voters can now see that they no longer have to vote for the corrupt devil-they-know to keep out the even worse criminal. Now they can vote Ukip and get Ukip.

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