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Over two weeks ago, Get Britain Out revealed David Cameron’s assertion he succeeded in lowering the EU’s annual budget is lying in tatters. Only two days ago the EU confirmed they would not only be reversing the budget cuts, but also requesting a further €4 billion in spending for 2015 from all EU Member States. If this isn’t a blow to Cameron’s face, what else is?

Well, more astonishing news emerged this morning as greedy Eurocrats demanded a further £1.7 billion (€2 billion) from British taxpayers, on top of our already huge contribution to Brussels’ coffers. The reason: because our economy is doing very well in comparison to our Eurozone neighbours, which means this demand is nothing less than punishment, a wealth tax, and the fact is admitted openly by the Eurocrats. Other countries like France and Germany will be contributing less than their usual contribution to the EU because their economies have been struggling in recent months, so while we are punished for our success, most EU countries are being rewarded for failure!

David Cameron got very cross during a press conference today, insisting he will not pay the bill on 1 December when it is due. Nigel Farage pounced on the news, saying the EU is “like a thirsty vampire feasting on UK taxpayer’s money. We need to protect the innocent victims who are us.” We couldn’t agree more. The mood in Downing Street seems to be getting more belligerent with Tory backbenchers frothing at the news. With a rebellion of over 100 MPs due to break out over the opt-in to EU justice and crime measures, all is not well in team Cameron.

Tory MP Nick de Bois also told Sky News: “I noticed with some interest today, they (the EU) were trying to draw a parallel between the size of their budget and the wealth produced the member states of the EU. They are making a fundamental mistake. The EU is simply a bloated bureaucracy that tries to regulate Europe. It is not a country in its own right. The only thing they should be concentrating on is cutting their own budget.”

Now the EU’s executive branch has finally handed over power to Jean-Claude Juncker after the confirmation of his hand-picked commissioners. This is a very rough start for the new Juncker regime in Brussels. He’s already got Cameron, usually a soft-touch on Europe, fuming at this latest insult.

It doesn’t end there, Barroso’s parting shot warned Cameron that if Britain leaves we will be an irrelevant country without any influence on the world stage. In the Daily Mail Dan Hannan hit back, saying it is only by staying in the EU that Britain remains irrelevant. As we are drawn deeper into a federal Europe, Britain is increasingly becoming a mere region in a larger super-state.

‘Cast-Iron’ Dave is floundering to stop his party leaking away to UKIP by promising to impose curbs on migration and caps on the number of National Insurance cards given out to EU migrants. None of this is legal under EU law, so he is making promises he can’t deliver to save his skin. If he was truly earnest about controlling borders, then ideally he would hold a referendum soon so any attempts to restore border control would be legal and sound.

Since we last wrote to you, the EU Referendum Bill cleared its first hurdle in House of Commons, though more hurdles await in the House of Lords. It is very likely to be quashed by the Lords, which might provoke the government into using the Parliament Act to get around this and pass the Bill. But it all goes to show the political establishment is anxious about prospect of Britain leaving the EU.

We would also argue the rise of UKIP could force the Tories to have to make a deal to have an early In/Out referendum in exchange for support from Nigel Farage. This would be to ensure key legislation and votes of confidence get through, rather than being forced into a full coalition with UKIP ‘if’ as expected, Cameron does not get a majority at the general election.

We could be facing the prospect of a referendum much earlier than expected. However it turns out, the quicker we Get Britain Out of the EU the better.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

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