Cameron Orders RAF attack on Ukip


146 Tornado 3DPrinting 03th

Camoron delayed decision on joining the coalition against IS to time the recall of Parliament to blank out news of the Ukip Conference, effectively trying to use the RAF to attack Ukip.

A desperate “Clueless” Camoron has been attempting to use every trick to avoid crushing defeat in the 2015 General Election.

The Lib faction of the LibLabCon Party was easy. Seems that although they depend on Scotland for 10 seats at Westminster, they didn’t notice that their Conference was due to take place on the same day as Salmond’s Scottish Dependency Referendum. That led to chaos and a decision to postpone the Conference. Just shows how interested the LibDems are in what happens in Scotland!!!

Dealing with the Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party was almost as easy. “Clueless” delayed a decision on Iraq and Syria to allow Milliband and his cronies to make complete fools of themselves. Giving them clear air time meant that an eager left wing news media could report every detail of their lack of policies hidden behind a load of waffle and evasion. Having unlimited news time, Labour was exposed as the left lurching command economy, tax, spend and borrow party that it really is. Even some Trade Union barons who bankroll Labour thought Milliband was drifting too far into a Marxist agenda.

The real problem for Camoron was that Ukip have been eating his lunch for the last two years. The largest vote winning Party at the European Elections, Ukip is a direct threat to the Con faction of the LibLabCon Party and now also the main threat to the Lab faction, while the Libs are doing a great job of killing themselves..

It must have looked like a cunning plan to allow the US and their committed allies to bomb every practical IS target in Syria and Iraq and delay a British decision. That meant that Parliament could be recalled on the eve of the Ukip Conference and expect to hog the news for at least a week, blotting out any air time for Ukip. Having recalled Parliament, Camoron put before it a half hearted proposal to commit a handful of RAF Tornadoes and a refueling tanker to bomb IS targets only in Iraq. It was a decision to do the minimum but justify the recall of Parliament. Militarily, all the prime targets of IS that can be bombed have been bombed, leaving the RAF with a tactical ground support role against targets of opportunity in Iraq with a ban on reporting or MoD statements. This news blackout could cover the intention to hit targets in Syria and let everyone think it was done by other coalition aircraft, or it could just conceal the very low level RAF participation. As in the first mission flown yesterday, two Tornadoes will fly a ground attack taxi rank with a Voyager tanker refueliing them in the air to increase their loiter time. If a pickup truck, a group of camels, or a few tents can be identified as IS, the Tornadoes will be able to perform the same function as WWII Hawker Typhoons, and straffe the small targets with advanced weaponry. If the targets are moved into Syria before being hit, they will then be safe and off-limits. If Camoron allows hot pursuit into Syria, he will be acting outside the authority handed to him by Parliament and the RAF crews may legally have become war criminals for following his orders.

The prime purpose of targeting IS to sweep Ukip of the news screens has failed. Ukip have been enjoying a great conference and yesterday landed another master stroke on Camoron by revealing the latest Con MP to defect to Ukip, coinciding with the resignation of a Con Minister. As with Douglas Carswell, this latest Ukip recruit is standing down and then standing for election in the same Constituency he held previously for the Cons. This demonstrates honesty and courage when he could simply have walked across the floor of the House to serve the remaining months to the 2015 General Election as a Ukip MP. By resigning and then standing again, this time under Ukip colours, means that he has held the moral high ground. On current conditions, Ukip could win at least three Westminster seats before the 2015 General Election.

In the meantime, Camoron has saddled Britain with all of the increased risks by targeting a bunch of Islamic criminals, increased defence costs, risked mission creep, but failed to support natural allies fully in a timely manner. If the participation in yet another war was justified by defence of the helpless and the need to deal with bandits who claim to be fighting a Holy War to cover their criminality, Camoron should have ignored any attempt at short term domestic political gain and taken the decision at the beginning.

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