Cancún Talking Shop Delivers Little


20,000 climate fraudsters and eco-Luddites met in Cancún for conspicuous consumption and a lot of hot air production. In only a few days they managed to create a carbon footprint larger than a medium sized African country creates in a month.


Another costly talking shop comes to an end as politicians seek to maintain the tax raising advantages of climate fraud.

Described as building on the positives of Copenhagen, this lavish and well-fed holiday appears to have produced nothing, which may be its most positive contribution. Copenhagen was widely seen as a failure, coming on the heels of revelations that climate fraudsters had failed to publish information which under cut their claims. Holiday makers are claiming that Cancún has built on the positives of Copenhagen – that suggests that even greater failure was achieved.

Since then climate fraudsters and eco-Luddites have been trying to ignore the tide of public opinion around the world as each week seems to uncover yet more evidence of deliberate fraud.

Wind turbines have been exposed as a costly and inefficient method of generating energy, while blighting landscapes and creating navigation hazards off shore. As Britons discovered in the depths of an exceptionally early and severe spell of Arctic weather, wind turbines stand there silent when you most need extra electricity generation. The said spell of cold weather shows every sign of being the outrider of a record breaking cold winter. Britons were most grateful to the Met Office for forecasting an exceptionally mild winter, giving the wise the time to rush out and buy more warm clothing – pity the stupid politicians believed the Met Office and failed to prepare to maintain the transport systems. The Met Office has become something of a joke in poor taste since it loaded climate fraud software to its weather forecasting computers. This revolutionary software takes raw data and replaces any that demonstrates climate fraud. The result is that forecasts of a very hot barbeque summer proved at odds with the reality of an unusually cold and wet season.

The Ministry of Blind Climate Guesswork, an executive agency of the United Nations, has been quietly revising global warming forecasts downwards. The threatened 200 foot rise in global sea levels, that would have wiped out most of the cities, has been downgraded to a forecast of six feet with a qualification that even this is unlikely and sea levels may rise less than 8 inches in the next 300 years – equally, they could just as easily fall.

What a shame that useless politicians, carpet baggers and climate fraudsters are continuing to ignore the many very real problems in the world that are crying out for solution.

The lesson of history is that politicians are very slow to act and by the time they embrace a different fashion and start legislating, the world has moved on. We could be making more efficient use of resources and helping developers produce new technology which the world’s population will take up because it offers clear economic and operational benefits.


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