Nigel Homing In on UKIP’s Number 1 Target


Nigel Homing In on UKIP’s Number 1 Target
by WikiGuido
We all know Nigel Farage loves a pint or two. And once polling closes tonight the UKIP leader could be sinking a few jars, according to the latest General Election betting.

His party’s number one target is in sight with Farage now odds-on to take South Thanet from the Tories.

And that’s not all. ‘The People’s Party’ is predicted to scoop 10-15% of the vote and nab a total of three seats in the House of Commons.

Meanwhile, the current flow of money suggests that Labour is still struggling to make any concrete gains.

According to the latest Ladbrokes election forecast Red Ed’s boys and gals will win 14 fewer seats than the Conservatives.

Fancy a political punt? Bet in-play on the General Election with Ladbrokes and check out the bookies’ dedicated Election mini-site to see where the money’s going in every constituency.
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Election 2015 – Breaking News – UKIP VOTE SURGING


Already a huge achievement by Briton of the Year, Ukip Leader Nigel Farage

Early exit polls suggest that the UKIP vote is surgin across the British Isles. What may be happening is that ‘undecided’ voters had already decided to vote UKIP but were unprepared to go public ahead of Polling Day.

Still uncertain how many seats that will translate into with the current ‘rotten borough’ system but the final tally could be surprising.


Birmingham Muslims “Ordered” to Vote Labour


Birmingham Muslims “Ordered” to Vote Labour
by WikiGuido

The picture shows Ansar Ali Khan and Mariam Khan, the two councillors who organised Labour’s sex segregated rally.

Behind them is Labour MP Khalid Mahmood.

It has been posted on Facebook alongside the caption “All Pir Sahiban and Darbars in Birmingham have ordered Mureeds to Vote Labour in elections”. A “mureed” is “a person wishing to dedicate himself to Islam”. Muslims in Birmingham are being “ordered” to vote Labour.

If proven, this would arguably be in direct contravention of the same undue spiritual influence laws of which Lutfur Rahman was recently found guilty. The law states:

“A person shall be guilty of undue influence if he… makes use of or threatens to make use of any force… or inflicts or threatens to inflict, by himself or by any other person, any temporal or spiritual injury… to induce or compel that person to vote or refrain from voting”

“Ordering” Muslims to vote a certain way comes pretty close to that…

See also:

Pakistani Speaker at Sex Segregation Rally Boasted “I Can Tell People How to Vote”
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Green Party Terrorist’s Links to Natalie Bennett

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Nuttily Bennett, Green Leader?

Green Party Terrorist’s Links to Natalie Bennett
by technoguido


The Green Party are utilising the services of a twice convicted Animal Liberation Front terrorist to help them fight for the Wyre Forest constituency. The man listed on the Green Party website as Ronald Lee, the”Campaign Manager” for PPC Natalie McVey, is none other than Ronnie Lee, the founder of the Animal Liberation Front. The AFL were regarded by the FBI as a terrorist organisation…

Ronnie Lee is notorious for his view that there is an animal “holocaust” going on and that violence is necessary for it to be stopped.

“Animal liberation is a fierce struggle that demands total commitment. There will be injuries and possibly deaths on both sides.”

Lee who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for ALF activities, has since distanced himself from the organisation telling an interviewer in 2010 that he disagrees with “the whole non-violent thing associated with the ALF” as he doesn’t “see anything morally wrong in using violence against animal abusers.”

ronnie lee bennett

As well as being listed as the contact for the Wyre Forest Green Party and being one of Natalie McVey’s signatories, Ronnie is the co-founder of the Green Party allied group Greens for Animal Protection which, worryingly considering Ronnie’s past, aims “to defend and improve the Green Party’s policies on animal protection.” Nathalie Bennett is a supporter of Greens for Animal Protection…
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“No Hiding Place For Hedge Funds” Says Hedgie-Backed Eddie


“No Hiding Place For Hedge Funds” Says Hedgie-Backed Eddie
by WikiGuido

Ed Miliband was taking voters in Pendle for fools this morning:

“Under my government, there will be no hiding place for the hedge funds.”

That’s the same Ed Miliband whose campaign for the Labour leadership was funded by a Mayfair based hedge fund trader.

As Guido revealed in March:

“Ed, desperate to beat his brother David, quietly took £27,000 from GLC, a billion dollar Mayfair hedge fund run by the Cambridge educated maths genius Lawrence Staden. Staden also gave another £100,000 of his profits to the Labour Party – £80,000 to Labour HQ, £10,000 to the ultra-marginal Eltham Labour Party and another £10,000 to neighbouring Greenwich and Woolwich, the constituency which includes his £3 million home in affluent Blackheath.”

What’s more, one of Labour’s biggest non-union donors under Miliband has been Martin Taylor, another hedgie, who has given a whopping £600,000. “There will be no hiding place for the hedge funds” under Miliband. Except when they hide their money in the Labour Party’s coffers..
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Liam Byrne in Office, Out of Power


Liam Byrne in Office, Out of Power
by Neo-Guido

Liam Byrne’s letter has been an ever present prop in this election, wheeled out by David Cameron at every opportunity. But what of the man himself? Byrne used to be a Labour broadcast regular, sent out to mop up, but during this campaign he was keeping a very low profile. Guido spotted him briefly addressing the controversial segregated Labour rally, but apart from that…


Well it turns out he is hiding at his desk. A co-conspirator writes:

“Just rang his office to ask about sex segregation. Blow me down, the man himself picked up the phone. Referred me to an article in the Birmingham Mail and put the phone down.”

From the cabinet position of Chief Secretary, to answering his own phone, while lurking in his office at the peak of an election campaign to hide from the media. Ouch…
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Pakistani Speaker at Sex Segregation Rally Boasted “I Can Tell People How to Vote”


The guest of honour at Labour’s sex segregation rally on Saturday was Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, above right.

And ‘helpfully’ thousands of postal ballots have been filled in so the voters don’t even have to be told what to think for themselves. The 2015 General Election could see the highest number of illegal vots cast.

Pakistani Speaker at Sex Segregation Rally Boasted “I Can Tell People How to Vote”
by WikiGuido

The guest of honour at Labour’s sex segregation rally on Saturday was Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, above right.

Chaudhry is the former premier of Kashmir and the MP for Mirpur, in Pakistan. In a 2010 BBC profile, he claimed he “always” visits Britain ahead of general elections in order to tell British-Pakistanis “how to vote”. Chaudhry claims:

“I always come during elections. It’s basically so I can tell people how to vote and who to vote for. Most of the Pakistanis here [in Britain] are from Mirpur, and I am the MP from Mirpur, and I know the issues here and who will be the best candidates to help solve the issues in Kashmir.”

Not only did four Labour MPs attend a sex segregated rally, the star speaker claims to be instructing British-Pakistanis how to vote. Why is Labour enabling this sort of unseemly politics at a British election?
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Election 2015 – Will Weird Ed honour his stone pladges – Hell No!!!!


Lucy Powell Gaffe: Miliband Might Break #EdStone Promises
by WikiGuido


Lucy Powell has dropped another spectacular clanger. Asked on 5Live this morning whether having to carve their pledges into stone was a sign the public didn’t trust them, Labour’s election chief inexplicably replied:

“I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he’s carved them into stone means, you know, means that he will absolutely, you know, not going to break them or anything like that.”

So there you have it. Labour’s pledges are not even worth the stone they are carved on…
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And he went up the mountain to ask God for directions and Nicola said…….

And he brought down tablets of stone and they were to be his memorial

So goeth the Quisling Milliband