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Blair and Brown – Another Fine Mess!!

Blair regime back-peddles desperately as critical local government elections approach.

Two key elements of the Blair Great Index are the revaluation of all properties and the introduction of road tolls and congestion charges.

The revaluation of all properties is based on giving powers to a vast army of inspectors to enter any property and photograph all of the rooms. This provides two potential benefits for the Blair regime. The first benefit is that it will be used to justify an increase of several 100% in current local tax charges, hitting the poor and pensioners particularly hard. The second benefit is that it will add an enormous amount of detailed private information on every citizen to the Great Index.

Road tolls and congestion charges also offer two similar potential benefits. The tolls and charges are expected to add a significant increase in tax take, going someway to plugging a fiscal hole estimated at more than GB£10 billion. The second benefit is that these new taxes will depend on all vehicles being fitted with GPS-based surveillance systems that will report continuously the position and route of every vehicle, adding detailed real-time monitoring of the movement of citizens in vehicles to the rapidly expanding Great Index.

Blair regime spin meisters are desperately attempting to downplay these new taxes, and the major reduction in civil liberty, with plans for introduction being delayed until after the elections.

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