Chinese Give Obama a Public Flogging


Hussein Obama received a public lashing by the Chinese regime for his economic incompetence.


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The down grading of the US AAA credit rating gave the Chinese ruling elite the excuse to give Obama a very public lashing, but they were really opening a new front in their fight to become THE super-power.

The managed decline policy followed by the Obama Maladministration has taken the US from undisputed Super Power, a position it has occupied since the defeat of the USSR by Reagan and Thatcher.

The totalitarian regime in China has followed a ruthless program for more than two decades to rule the world. At home they suppress all opposition and continue their occupation of Tibet. Overseas, they have been taking control of the potential wealth of Africa and becoming a global creditor by accessing world markets while blocking free access to their domestic markets by foreign commerce. Commercially and militarily, China has been engaged on all out cyber war. Chinese Government hackers have been plundering the information stored by governments and major corporations on Internet connected information systems that have been connected to public networks without adequate risk management. Militarily they have been engaged on a silent arms race, building new submarines and becoming a naval aviation power with their own carriers. The naval aviation is significant signal of Chinese ambition because the purpose of a carrier is to project force in the same way that Chinese nuclear missiles are a force projector. The next essential element is to displace the US$ as a reserve currency.

Thanks to Obama’s incompetence, China is again moving forward to world domination.


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