Christmas Means Christmas – We ARE going to make a success of BREXIT


This has been a momentous year for Get Britain Out and the UK as a whole. 2016 gave us what we always wanted, a Referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU. And 6 months ago today – against all the odds – we actually won.

But the job is not yet done. We must keep up the pressure to ensure the Government actually delivers what we want from Brexit and not a dumbed-down ‘soft Brexit’.

We must also get the Brexit we voted for. Ideally, we would like the UK to have ‘access’ to, but not ‘membership’ of the Single Market. This would ensure we regain control over our laws, borders and money. Let’s hope Theresa May makes this clear when she gives her next speech on Brexit in the New Year.

Unfortunately, the SNP cannot accept the EU Referendum result. Nicola Sturgeon is still arguing for Single Market membership, and for the UK to remain inside the Customs Union. This is unquestionably EU membership by the back door, and ought to be opposed by all those who believe in democracy.

The research group ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ released a report today claiming EU leaders consider the Government’s Brexit stance to be both vague and unreasonable, saying the Eurocrats’ attitude towards us is hardening. Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, commented in the Yorkshire Post that the EU’s tough-talking is typical pre-negotiation bluster, and this report is yet another case of doom-laden predictions being made without a shred of evidence. The real absurdity is to say we could not get a better deal than, for example, Canada. As negotiations draw on, both Britain and the EU will agree a free trade deal to their mutual benefit.

The Remain campaign’s economic doom-mongering told us we’d be an economic basket case by now – but in reality, the British economy is powering ahead. New jobs are being created across the country – in manufacturing and services alike – so we have lots to look forward to. ‘Project Fear’ is being proven wrong in real time, but they continue to peddle a totally unfounded sense of doom and gloom about the economy. As we argue on The Commentator, it’s time the Remoaners stopped dreaming up new doom-laden predictions, and started to look at the facts. They should make a New Year’s Resolution to believe in Brexit Britain. (Project Fear is being discredited in real time)

On Saturday, we wrote an article for ConservativeHome discussing the downsides of the latest proposals within the EU to create ‘associate citizens’. This was in response to Mark Wallace’s piece for their website. The EU proposal – which was first highlighted by Get Britain Out – calls for the EU to discriminate against UK citizens on the basis of how they voted in the EU Referendum. Essentially it wants to allow ‘Remain’ voters to continue to elect MEPs and have free movement rights. This proposal is a legal non-starter. On June 23rd, Britons voted for the UK to ‘Leave’ the EU. It is not for some citizens of a specific political persuasion to subject themselves to a different legal order because they don’t like the Referendum result. It’s about time the Brexit result is accepted for the good of the UK as a whole. (EU Associate Citizenship for Britons – a trap to lure the unwary)

One of our team, Matthew Ellery, also appeared on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback show to discuss EU associate citizenship. Click here to listen from 1:08:20.

Remoaners have spent the last 6 months trying to distort the Referendum result by insisting ‘Leave’ voters are predominantly racists, motivated by immigration. The facts do not bear this out – while immigration was a factor, there are plenty of reasons to want us out of the EU. Polling conducted on June 23rd itself showed sovereignty was the most popular motivation given for voting ‘Leave’. As we write in Huffington Post, we voted ‘Leave’ to take control of our own destiny – our borders, our laws, and our money. The Remoaners’ post-truth politics cannot be allowed to carry on unchallenged. (The Remoaners’ Post-Truth Politics)

Speaking of Remoaners, former Prime Minister John Major’s latest comments were taken to task by a member of the Get Britain Out team who appeared on RTUK TV News. Major said the Brexit deal should not be decided by the “tyranny of the majority”. These comments prove Major’s utter contempt for democracy and the people of this country. Click here to watch the video.

For all their demands for the Government to produce its ‘plan’ for Brexit, Labour will be entering 2017 with no coherent plan themselves. They’re certainly not lacking ideas. Almost every week they seem to drag out yet another Labour grandee with a new – and totally unworkable – proposal. But the party leadership is only content to commit Labour to a handful of bizarre stances, like remaining in the Customs Union and remaining subject to the EU’s court. As we argue on The Commentator, Labour’s confused, cynical approach to Brexit will continue to fail to convince voters, and will leave them vulnerable on all sides come the next General Election. (On Brexit, Labour Hasn’t Got A Clue)

In an article for The Commentator, Jayne slammed the Chancellor, Philip Hammond and the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, for continually attempting to derail Brexit. Jayne makes it clear there are two options for these economic ‘Chuckle Brothers’ – put up and shut up, or resign. Though the EU Referendum is over, these ex-Remainers seem intent on keeping ‘Project Fear’ going for as long as possible, in the vain hope of delaying Brexit or foisting a ‘soft Brexit’ and Single Market membership on the British people. They should stop undermining the Government and start respecting the result – and if they can’t do that, it’s time to go. (Project Fear: Britain’s Economic Chuckle Brothers)

Eurocrats and Remoaners insist Britain must accept all the Single Market’s ‘four freedoms’ (free movement of goods, services, capital and people) if we want to participate in any beneficial Single Market schemes. But as we write on CapX, this is yet another case of the EU not practicing what it preaches. EU protectionism, administrative hurdles, opt-outs, and Switzerland’s bilateral deal with the EU, all prove the ‘four freedoms’ are not an all-or-nothing choice. The Government should not be afraid to reject, for example, free movement, while asking for access to mutually-beneficial aspects of the Single Market. It’s actually a perfectly reasonable request. (We Can Have Our Brexit Cake and Eat It)

There are many MPs in the House of Commons who do not respect democracy, and will stop at nothing to thwart the Referendum result. Some of them now want a second Referendum on the terms of Brexit, which undermines the clear mandate given on June 23rd to Leave the European Union. Conservative blogger Robert Barnes’s exclusive article for Get Britain Out makes it abundantly clear to these MPs: the UK voted ‘Leave’ in this once in a lifetime Referendum, and the will of the British people must be respected. (Leaving the EU means Leaving the EU)

Meanwhile, it appears the dinosaurs of British politics have also not accepted the Referendum result. Perhaps the heaviest hitter is our notorious former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He plans to launch the ‘Tony Blair Institute’ in the New Year, which will focus on “trying to make globalisation work for all”, and will fight Brexit as being “close-minded” and “isolationist”. We write in the Huffington Post about Blair’s attempt to thwart the will of the people. We know all he craves is power and opportunism! It will not work. We need not worry though, as we believe the Government is determined to deliver Brexit in full. (Blair’s anti-Brexit campaign is opportunistic and nothing else)

We thank you all for your continued support. If you check out our social media regularly, as well as our website, you, your friends and your colleagues will find all the daily news and press coverage – and what’s going on with the negotiations, as well as what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so.

As always Get Britain Out would be delighted if you could write to your MP (if you have not already done so), encouraging them not to block or delay the triggering of Article 50 should it come to a vote in Parliament. There is a draft letter here, imploring them to respect the will of the people and let the Government press on with delivering Brexit. You can find out who your MP is, and get their contact details, here.

Can we take this opportunity to wish you, your family, and your friends a very safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Jayne Adye, Campaign Director, and the Team at Get Britain Out