Clean Brexit at Threat from Unelected Lords

Clean Brexit at Threat from Unelected Lords

The worrying debate over Britain’s place in the Customs Union has emerged, yet again, as the latest ploy to dilute the Clean Brexit voted for by 17.4 million Britons. In a move last Wednesday the unelected House of Lords voted overwhelmingly in favour of an amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. The proposal, which seeks to force the UK Government into a Customs Union with the EU, has the potential to stifle the UK’s global trading ambitions, and tether us to a stagnating trade bloc.

Crawling with anti-democratic peers, life-long members of the political establishment, and former EU Commissioners, this move has undoubtedly strengthened calls for the House of Lords to be abolished completely – and a petition advocating getting rid of them has now received well over 100,000 signatures. Bearing in mind many of these unelected Europhile Lords are receiving huge pensions from the EU – they should consider where their responsibilities lie! The Brexit vote was a decision to take back control of our democracy – the ability of these unaccountable peers to derail the will of the Great British Public is totally unacceptable!

Their anti-Brexit attempts have not ended there, however, with peers continuing to ignore the will of the British people in a debate over an amendment to keep most of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights in UK law after Brexit. The Upper House voted 316 to 245 in favour of this anti-democratic amendment.

Pro-EU Peers ludicrously claim this EU Charter is the cornerstone of our rights – a claim which ignores the longstanding tradition of individual liberties in this country. The EU is not the guarantor of political rights – far from it. The EU ignores its own Charter when it is politically inconvenient. For example, its current support for Spanish repression of Catalonian independence activists – and the ludicrous jailing of 9 members of the Catalonian Government, and the subsequent jailing of the region’s former Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont when he fled from Brussels to Germany following the Catalonian Referendum in October last year.

Such arrogant tendencies are not limited to just the House of Lords. Yesterday saw a sparsely attended Commons debate here on the Customs Union issue, providing a platform for frothing Europhiles such as Anna Soubry and Yvette Cooper to stamp their feet and throw tantrums. While the debate was merely an unbinding discussion, where the Government declined to whip its party and with no actual vote on the matter having taken place. The fact so many MPs refuse to accept the Referendum decision is worrying.

Amongst the screeching however, some sense was spoken. Brexiteer Sheryll Murray decried the contempt shown by some of her colleagues towards the Great British Public, reminding MPs: “Brexit means Brexit. Leave means Leave. We just need to get on with it.” If only more of our elected representatives shared this approach – the Great British Public will not take kindly to those who try and defy Brexit. No doubt those MPs who seek to thwart the will of the people will be punished at the ballot box in the future!

Just yesterday the Home Secretary (and ardent Remain supporter) Amber Rudd showed her true colours when she refused to accept the Government’s declared position on Leaving the Customs Union – stating the Cabinet is yet to “arrive at a final position”. Despite frantic backtracking, the under-fire Home Secretary has confirmed the fears of many Leave voters, and proved she has no place in a Brexit Government.

All this comes amidst much furore over suggestions from Theresa May for a ‘Customs Partnership’ with the EU, as a ridiculous solution to the Irish border issue. Such an agreement would force the UK to apply the EU’s Common External Tariff to all goods entering the UK, as if we are to be some kind of ‘tax collector’, and then embark upon a farcically complex procedure to reimburse UK importers. The suggestion is perhaps best summarised by Jacob Rees-Mogg as “completely cretinous”!

The whole matter of the Irish border continues to be given far greater weight than it perhaps warrants. As has been repeatedly highlighted by Brexiteers, technological solutions do exist. It is the dogmatic stubbornness of Eurocrats which is holding back progress on the issue.

Indeed, it has been revealed the Irish Parliament received evidence last year from the Irish Revenue Chairman, Niall Cody, outlining just how simple such technological solutions could be. The decision from the current Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, to cancel work on these solutions suggests the Irish border situation is being utilised as a political tool by the EU, to keep Britain locked inside the ‘EU Club’. Clearly this must not be allowed to happen, and the UK Government must not allow our future economic prosperity to be undermined by the bullies in Brussels!

In other news, the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, announced yesterday President Donald Trump will finally be visiting our shores for trade talks in July. This opens the door to a massive opportunity for post-Brexit Britain to sign a free trade agreement with the largest economy in the world.

The Trump administration has been very optimistic about the new chance Brexit represents to enhance the special relationship between our two nations. In January, the US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, claimed that contrary to the previous words of former President, Barack Obama during the EU Referendum campaign – that Britain is indeed at the ‘front’ of the queue for trade talks with the United States. The President himself has also made it clear he intends to strike a “great” trade deal, which he is confident can be done “very, very, quickly”.

Predictably, the Remoaner brigade will be out in full force, with demonstrations to try and frustrate the President’s visit. We are not quite sure why this group of chronic complainers believe they have a right to attempt to disrupt trade talks with our longest serving ally. The support given to them by the London Major Sadiq Khan, amongst other Labour politicians and journalists, illustrates their cynical attempts to put cheap political point-scoring ahead of the national interest.


Our senior Research Executive, Robert Bates has appeared on BBC Radio Kent today, alongside Gordon Henderson MP, discussing the impact of EU nationals on UK prisons, and just how powerless our EU Membership has left us in addressing the problem. He pointed out that the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights prevents convicted criminals from being deported on account of ‘the right to family life’. You can listen below from 2:04:04 onwards (BBC Radio Kent discuss foreign criminals in UK prisons)

This comes after an investigation by Get Britain Out which revealed the sheer number of EU prisoners currently locked up in the UK. A story covered in the Daily Express. (‘DISGRACEFUL’ EU criminals in British prisons cost YOU £140 MILLION)

Writing for Comment Central, Research Executive, Peter Lyon explores the rise of Euroscepticism across the Continent, and highlights how this strengthens the UK’s hand in trade talks with the EU (Sweeping Euroscepticism Strengthens Britain’s Hand)

On Get Britain Out’s website, Robert reveals the worryingly unrestrained powers the European Commission possesses. In light of the dawn raid on Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox’s London Headquarters, EU officials have shown themselves to be overtly political and vindictive (The Unrestrained Powers of the European Commission)

Also on the Get Britain Out website, Robert Bates discusses the opportunities which Leaving the EU will present to our ports. As a maritime nation, with a proud history of global commerce, it is a disgrace EU rules have, for so long, prevented our country from utilising these hugely valuable national assets. (Brexit represents a Golden Opportunity for UK Ports)

Writing for Get Britain Out, Peter condemns suggestions the Government may decide to keep Britain locked in the Customs Union. A move which would greatly limit the UK’s ability to pursue an independent trade policy, and prevent us from removing harmful tariffs onto goods entering our country. (A Customs Union with the EU Would Prevent a Full Brexit)

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