Climate Fraudster Recants

Professor Phil Jones has stepped down as director of the CRU and admitted deception

The BSD team began looking at the issues of climate change in an open manner but it soon became obvious that most material published on the subject was propaganda rather than information. Finding and verifying other sources for a balanced view was difficult and it was clear that unpopular views were being suppressed. Then came the Climategate Scandal and we now have an increasing amount of conflicting information being published, with claims by highly respected scientists that their views on the subject have been suppressed or ignored on a widespread basis. Some have also claimed that they have been seriously and deliberately misquoted by the IPCC and other bodies that have been fanatically supporting the Global Warming view. The most amazing twist to the story has just emerged as a leading propagandist, disgraced UEA professor, appears to be trying to recant.

The professor has apparently admitted three crucial points:
1.That even his research shows no significant increase in temperature since 1995, directly confirming the opinions expressed by sceptics
2.That he is unable to produce raw data to support his previous assertions that the world is rapidly headed for melt-down due to human factors.
3.That the Medieval Warming Period (800-1300 AD) was not only warmer than the present global temperatures but that it was a global change as maintained by sceptics and not a Northern Hemisphere change as the more open Global Warming fanatics have previously maintained (of course most Global Warming fanatics claim that the Medieval Warming Period did not even exist).

Given that a major scandal has been exposed, and one of the leading contributors has admitted knowledge of a different suppressed climate condition, now would seem to be a very good time to withdraw all of the propaganda material, hold an open debate and begin a thorough research programme into climate cycles, and then encourage open debate on this most important issue, based on open and verified data.

From the latest revelations, the position that climate change is due entirely to CO2 produced by human activity is wrong and cannot be substantiated by reputable data. Sceptics have always maintained that this is the situation and they have advanced a range of evidence to support their contention that the main drivers of climate change are not related to human activity. The fact it is now admitted by a High Priest of the Global Warming Religion that there has been no statistically significant increase in temperatures since 1995, while carbon emissions have continued to rise rapidly, there is no justification for policies and taxation based on reduction of carbon output to correct global temperatures.

Evidence is now leading us to believe that global temperatures have begun to decrease, we must attempt to identify whether this is a temporary anomaly, or a long term trend. If it is the start of a new trend we must revise our whole approach to climate variation.

Sadly the propaganda machines are continuing to run, exposing the real nature of climate fraudsters who are committed to winning power and money by fraudulently claiming there is serious Global Warming and that it can be corrected by trading carbon futures, taxing the world population and accepting whatever the propaganda machines portray as the reality even if all the evidence points the other way.

What is now clear is that the heart of the Global Warming community is national socialism which goes a long way to explaining why so much has been spent on propaganda and the establishment of fear. It can be seen that the Blair Brown Regime in the UK has been at the heart of the Global Warming propaganda, supported by national socialists in the European Union and the United Nations, using methods of information distortion pioneered by national socialists in Germany during the 1930s.

What has to be understood is that these European politicians have clearly demonstrated a desire to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens, and to use every method to deny human rights. To them Global Warming is a useful tool to justify new taxes and new gambling systems of the type encouraged by them in banking which have created a major global economic crisis. The terrifying levels of debt in Europe will require enormous levels of taxation where widespread acceptance of Global Warming would reduce resistance from tax payers.

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