Climate Fraudsters and Eco Luddites in New Extravagance


Climate Fraudsters and Eco Luddites have gathered in luxury hotels in the Caribbean to escape the snow and enjoy a welcome break from reality.


The Global Warming fanatics have quietly changed their presentation to Climate Change, since one of their high priests admitted that Global Cooling set in at the end of the Twentieth Century. They may have changed their presentation, but they haven’t changed their behaviour. They still want to raise taxes and restrict civil liberty in the way they tried to justify their religion based on a concept of global warming. They also continue to preach the low carbon message and yet enjoy a high carbon lifestyle for themselves.

Cartoon of a Flying Pig Wearing Goggles clipart image

We might take them more seriously if they held the next winter bean feast in Oldham, or Klargenfurt, making the journey by kayak and bicycle, to stay in a back street guest house, dining on water and raw vegetables. Pigs might fly!!! There is nothing a climate fraudster or eco Luddite likes more than a seven star hotel with every carbon extravagant luxury in the most comfortable climate available, reached by the most carbon hungry mode of transport and where the principle for the conference is that “never send one delegate, when twenty will suffice”.


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