Coalition Climate Fraudsters Force Changes to UN Climate Report


Climate Fraud Taxes – just another problem for “Clueless Cameron” and the Coalition Government

British Coalition Climate Fraudsters forced changes to the final draft of the UN Climate Change Report.




The already wildly inaccurate UN Climate Change Report (that resulted in the resignation of the leader climate specialist, who did not want to be associated with the propaganda document) was considered inadequate by Britain’s Coalition Government that has a very strong vested interest in causing climate panic to justify its excessive taxes.

The Climate Fraudsters have been having a tough time. First their shoddy and inaccurate claims were exposed by a hacker who published some damming emails exchanged by climate fraudsters. Then some Climate Fraudsters admitted to manipulating data to fit their claims. Then an academic whitewash claimed that one leading Climate Fraudster was not malicious but just disorganized and incompetent. Then the propaganda documentary “Inconvenient Facts” published by failed US politician Al Gore was exposed as the most inconvenient fact for Climate Fraudsters.

Today, Climate Fraudsters have abandoned the use of the term “Global Warming” because global warming stopped some 15 to 20 years ago (scientists argue about the exact point when global warming stopped). To continue making global warming claims, Climate Fraudsters now use the term “Climate Change” but make the same claims they made under the description “Global Warming”.

One problem for Climate Fraudsters is that the basis of their wild claims that man-made carbon output is to blame for global warming/climate change is shot by the real facts that their computer models of 20 years ago promised global temperatures that have not materialized, but the carbon output has rocketed as countries like India and China rush to expand their economies and build coal-powered power stations that emit huge amounts of carbon. Reductions of carbon output in wealthy economies have been dwarfed by increasing output from China and other expanding economies. The result is job losses for those countries that impede industrial performance by Climate Fraud taxes and laws.

The problem for the British Coalition Government is that they are imposing massive tax increases under the banner of fighting climate change. Many ministers and MPs have been receiving lavish payments from the huge industry that has sprung up to sell ineffective wind farms and other unnecessary products.

This is just one more example that is making the UN look like another organization that needs pruning and de-politicizing.

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