Confused Fascist Putin Shows His Ignorance










Fascist Leader Putin demonstrated his ignorance by suggesting that HRH Prince Charles is a Monarch. Wrong Adolf – the Prince is Prince of Wales and King in Waiting. In his present position he is entitled to hold opinions and to express them.

While the apparently very thin skinned Adolf Putin is screaming like a stuck pig, he is also continuing to attempt the destabilization of the Ukraine which yesterday elected, by a significant majority on the first pass, a new President to replace Putin’s Quizling who fled the Ukraine after murdering unarmed civilians.

Russian thugs and their local cronies in Eastern Ukraine tried to disrupt the Ukrainian Presidential elections by smashing ballot boxes and firing at those wishing to vote. In spite of the massive intimidation by Putin’s Storm Troopers, Ukrainians still managed to vote in the Eastern Ukraine.

Perhaps now that the new Ukrainian President has been democratically elected, Adolf Putin will withdraw Russian soldiers and subversives from Eastern Ukraine and make preparations to withdraw completely from the Crimea and its port facilities.

If he fails to stop behaving like Adolf Hitler, maybe many more people should start to discuss his Nazi tendencies and far more hurtful sanctions should be applied to Russia now that it has turned its back on international conventions.