Congratulations Monsieur Macron

I have had a suspicion for some time that Emmanuel Macron would prove as diverting a foreign leader as President Trump, though with a soupcon more savoir faire. Sure enough, he is now in full De Gaulle mode, nationalising the St Nazaire shipyards ‘in the national interest’ and very much against the spirit of EU ‘solidarity’. Delightfully, he’s preventing them being bought by an Italian firm!

UKIP congratulates President Macron on ‘exemplary’ decision to keep hold of France’s naval shipyards at St Nazaire
UKIP has congratulated French President Macron for nationalising the naval yards in St Nazaire, to prevent their being bought by Italian interests with close ties to China. Though the yards had previously been owned by a failing Korean company, UKIP described the President’s action as ‘an example to us all’.
“The Italian government has condemned President Macron as having ‘sovereignist’ instincts, for wanting to prevent his country’s major naval dockyard resources being sold to the highest foreign bidder”, said UKIP interim Leader Steve Crowther.
“It is tremendously reassuring to find that – as we get down to negotiations with a vengeful French EU apparatchik on our future relationship with the EU – the French are once again returning to the proud tradition of looking out for their own national interests first.
“This has traditionally been the French way, as successive French premiers and EU Commissioners in the past have thrown spanners into the works of EU deals which they believe to be to their disadvantage. And rightly so.
“This is why, deep down, we love the French. Vive La France. Vive les souverainistes!”.

Despite Brexit, everything’s looking dandy

An excellent article in the online Independent this week by Kathy Gyngell, co-editor of the website Conservative Woman, which will cheer the heart of every Brexiteer:

Meanwhile, CW publishes a chilling account of how our education system has been captured by the left through teacher training, by Priya Dutta, Secretary of the Campaign for Real Education. This must be a primary target for us. If you have any examples of illegal anti-UKIP or anti-Brexit teaching bias in schools, let me know.

Labour and the EU in disarray

So, Labour is going to campaign for us to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union after Brexit. Or it isn’t. How long can Keir Starmer, the Blairite’s Blairite, stay in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party? Well maybe he can, maybe he can’t! The hokey-cokey has nothing on this.
And the EU has revealed – or rather, it didn’t, but Ray Finch did, following a meeting he attended – that the vast majority of employees (75%, and not all British) in the EU Medicines and Banking Agencies in London don’t want to leave, and the useless Commission have signed unbreakable leases anyway, incurring half a billion pounds-worth of ongoing rents if they do pull out. And they want us to pay the bill!
Useful facts for writing letters to your local papers, re-educating young people, and teasing Remainers.

Hammond Must Go
We don’t generally punt petitions – it would get to be a full time job – but there is one now doing the rounds that is right in line with my call last week for Philip Hammond to be sacked for… well, being awful.
Let’s get this one running. I daresay Mrs May wouldn’t be too unhappy, since she was going to sack him before she messed up the election. Sign here:
Have a nice day.

Steve Crowther
Interim Party Leader