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Gordon Brown Scottish Prime Minister

Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in denial. He claims that the European Constitution is not a Constitution because its called a Treaty. He claims his infamous red lines allow Britain to sign without holding a referendum first and without accepting the Treaty terms.

The Eurocrats say he doesnt need a referendum because they will ignor it unless its a YES vote – but they also admit that the Treaty is the Constitution under a new name and will transfer all remaining sovereign power to Brussels.

Over a third of Brown’s own Westminster MPs demand a referendum.

Most Conservative MPs demand a referendum.

Even some of the LIberal Democrat (AKA None-of-the-Above Party) think a referendum should be held.

87% of the British population demands a referendum.


Nigel Farage, leader, UK Independence Party

Nigel Farage is becoming a popular interviewee. His next outing is on the Jeremy Vine Show today (5th September 2007) at 12.30p.m. on BBC Radio 2 (FM 88-91 mhz or freeview channel 702 or sky channel 0102).

Topics of conversation will focus on the Constitution and the need for a Referendum.

Refreshingly different from professional politicians, Farage will talk a lot of sense but in the process some will equate a referendum with a vote to leave the European Union. There may be great merit in Britain disengaging from the insanity of the EU but a referendum on the Constitution is a much wider issue.

Every British elector should have to opportunity to vote for or against.

The Constitution is a significant chnge in the structure and status of the Eurocrats power to rule undemocratically. The people of France and the Netherlands have already overwhelmingly voted agaisnt the Constitution and even under the flexible rules of the EU to ignor voters, the matter should be dead for at least ten years.

What we know is that the same Eurocrats who tell us there is no need for a referendum would be screaming for a vote if they thought the outcome would be a majority YES.

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