Countdown to Freedom: One Year to Brexit Day!

It is now exactly one year until the United Kingdom closes the door on its membership of the European Union and marches into a bright new future which will strengthen our union and guarantee our future prosperity. This is precisely the message Theresa May has been delivering today on a rainy tour around the country. It is good to see the Prime Minister extoling the real benefits of our departure. Although we have been forced into an ‘Implementation Period’ until December 31st, 2020, we will be well on the road to freedom from the EU in most areas of our lives. It is important to remember “no deal is better than a bad deal” and we remain prepared to walk away from the talks – a decision which would speed up our departure!




Membership of the EU was never compatible with the very essence of our country. With an unwavering and passionate commitment to free trade, coupled with a fierce belief in our national sovereignty, the march towards the EU’s plans for greater integration and “ever-closer union”, stand in stark contrast to the ideals we hold so precious. As the EU speeds towards their ‘United States of Europe’ – regardless of whether or not all Member States are willing to go along with this – the majority of the Great British Public have voted to politely end our participation in their political project.

Just this week the EU has powered forward with its commitment to a “fully-fledged defence union by 2025”, with measures introduced to improve the mobility of EU troops. A development chronically unreported by the mainstream media, this dangerous project would undermine the supremacy of NATO – the organisation responsible for European peace and security since the Second World War.

Not only this, but it would remove the ability of Member States to guarantee their own protection and pursue their own foreign policy – instead, making them reliant upon the decisions of Brussels-dwelling Eurocrats. For federalists, prising the issue of defence away from European nations is the final hurdle on the path to complete union, and it appears they are edging closer towards that goal!

When the Prime Minister announced the return of the UK’s blue passports in December last year, Brexiteers were understandably delighted. Despite the sneering comments from a few bitter Remoaners, the move was designed to symbolise “our independence and sovereignty” – to quote Theresa May – this will be a fantastic nationalistic expression for post-Brexit Britain.

The decision made last week to allow the new passports to be manufactured in France, instead of a British firm, stands in stark contrast to the patriotic enthusiasm with which the news was initially announced. Concerns must be raised over the fact the company given the contract, Gemalto, has suffered financial difficulties in the recent past, as well as consideration given to the risk of French industrial action – something which could jeopardise the production of our passports! The Home Office must reconsider whether this decision really is in the national interest and, if need be, take extensive action to ensure these vital documents are manufactured on Britain’s shores.

The ludicrous nature with which the Eurocrats are approaching talks has been revealed in all its glory today. The threat from the European Commission, to evict Britain from participating in the Galileo Space Programme once we Leave the EU, is a brazen example of them cutting off their nose to spite their face. Putting aside the fact both China and Israel also co-operate in the programme, and the UK is one of its primary contributors, this move would greatly damage European security. The Continent is greatly dependent upon Britain to ensure the region’s security. And any move which serves to impede upon this provision is one of sheer folly. Hopefully common sense will prevail, but we wouldn’t put anything past the crazed Europhiles with whom we are negotiating!

Those following the negotiations will be fully aware of the lacklustre and timid approach often adopted by the Government. Rather than stand up for Britain, the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has developed a worrying habit of capitulating to the demands of Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator. This was disturbingly evident last week when the two men released the draft agreement for Britain’s withdrawal. With uncontrolled immigration set to continue for a further 21 months during the Transition Period, and a “backstop option” on the Irish border question which threatens to divide the United Kingdom, it begs the question as to what concessions Davis has actually managed to secure!

Of course it is worth reiterating “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”. As we now enter into detailed negotiations on trade, the UK must still be prepared to walk away from the table if the Eurocrats refuse to offer us a good bespoke trade deal – taking with us our £40 billion ‘Divorce Bill’ as well!

Whilst this would undoubtedly be more damaging for Europe than the UK, it is vital the Government continues to prepare for such an eventuality by ratcheting up its provisions for customs checks and border controls. This is especially pertinent in light of the disgraceful revelation today that the Home Office has lost track of well over half a million individuals who are meant to have left the UK! Leaving the European Union will allow us to take back control of our immigration policy, but we will struggle to do this unless the proper systems and protocols are in place!

Perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth in the deal, however, was reserved for British fishing communities last week. After the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove had reassured fishermen that after Brexit Day next year we will be out of the Common Fisheries Policy, they have once again been let down by the British political class! The Brexit vote was a decision to take back control of our fishing waters, end the ability of European vessels to plunder our fish stocks, and utilise what is a national asset to help rebuild communities which have suffered great hardship as a result of this Common Fisheries Policy. Many voters in coastal deprived areas in particular, and where they once had a thriving fishing industry, welcomed this, and voted specifically in favour of this policy in the EU Referendum. Under the terms of the Transition Period, however, none of this is set to take place until at least 2021, by which point irreparable damage could very well have been done to what remains of our fishing industry.

Whilst fish rightly dominated the headlines last week, the news this week has also featured a slippery and dead-eyed creature in the form of the reviled former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who is continuing to demand the Great British Public listen to him, and be forced to vote again in a Second Referendum. Frankly, every time we hear his voice, our eyes glaze over, and we simply switch him off!

Similarly unwholesome individuals on the Remain side have begun to coordinate their efforts in what is now becoming a concerted effort by members of the elite to thwart democracy. The Soros-funded group ‘Best for Britain’, are sloshing money everywhere in their determination to reverse Brexit. They have launched a mass advertising campaign hoping to intimidate Britons into changing their minds, and alleged ‘whistleblowers’ from Vote Leave are attempting to invalidate the Referendum result by screeching foul play. We do not think YOU – the Great British Public – will listen to any of their rubbish about you not knowing what you were voting for on June 23rd 2016. YOU – and many Remainers  – simply want the Government to get on with making sure the best Brexit is delivered for the United Kingdom.

A flurry of polls in the last few weeks have shown Britons are increasingly turning their back on the idea of a Second Referendum. In fact, a ComRes poll commissioned by the Daily Express, has today reveals 68% of Britons want the Government to get on with Brexit. Those fighting to derail our departure are on the wrong side of history!

It is crucial Brexiteers continue to resist attempts from both Remoaners and the EU to browbeat them into submission. With the sunlit uplands now in sight with just 365 days to go, we must hold our nerve and ignore the scaremongering!


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