Crazy Gordon – Bottled Again!!!!


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon “Bottler” Brown has again demonstrated his capacity for indecision and cowardice. This time its taken him 13 months to make the U Turn. In his last Budget as Chancellor he decided to increase taxes for the poorest in society to reduce taxes slightly for the richer tax payers. In most cases, this meant that over 5 million of the poorest people would see their taxes double when the new changes came into force for the 2008/9 Fiscal Year. Faced with a revolt by many of his own MPs just before Local Elections, Bottler lived up to his reputation and performed a grinding U Turn at the last moment although it is possible that this was an illusion and the promised compensation for the poorest tax payers will not appear after the elections.

This has been a torrid week for Bottler.

The strike at Grangemouth oil refinery in his native Scotland will be costing the British economy over GB£52 million a day at a time when the economy is in tatters. It will also cut off 30% of Britain’s petrol and diesel supplies and cut gas which comes ashore from the Forties Field and is also dependent on power fom Grangemouth. Blair Brown Regime Ministers are preparing to introduce fuel rationing.

Teachers throughout England and Wales have been on strike and more strikes are expected.

The Blair Brown Regime is expecting heavy losses in next week’s Local Elections and this may include loss of the London Mayor.

Just to complete a perfect week of disasters, Lord “Cashpoint” Levy’s biography is being serialized in a British Sunday newspaper. The biography contains many stories that are highly damaging to Bottler, although it should be remembered that Cashpoint is also trying to sanitize his part in the Cash For Peerages scandal that did much to force Phony Blair out of office, leaving the way open for the appointment of Bottler as Prime Minister. One hardly surprising claim by Cashpoint is that Bottler knew all about the illegal fund raising and has continued to use and expand the process since replacing Blair. That is not surprising because Brown was always heavily involved in the regime’s finances and because he is always absent or claims absence when things go wrong. The classic example is Bottler’s claim that although 15 years of good economic times were entirely to his credit (that includes the last 5 years of the Conservation Government of John Major) but he also claims that he was nothing to do with the Blair years of power.


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