Crazy Gordon on ID Cards?


This could be the Home Secretary although she claims no one recognizes her – tip from BSD: Stop using an old photograph that has been touched up – then we might recognize you

Not so much a Crazy Gordon as a Salami Slice.

The Blair Brown Regime has announced that ID cards will not be compulsory. Any British citizen who does not wish to be a student, draw benefit, use the NHS, or a number of other optional activities will not have to have an ID card YET!!!

The master plan is to force smaller groups of people to carry ID cards and then, when they are the majority, to force the cards on everyone.

Apparently citizens who don’t mind being jailed will not have to carry a card.

The justification for cards has changed. The latest excuse is that live-side airport workers need them to fight terrorism – interesting, most people assumed that they already carried identification and were checked by someone.

The other justification is that no one recognizes Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary and she needs an ID card. Not much of a justification because on her last election majority she is unlikely to be a Member of Parliament after the next election – or has “Bottler” Brown found a way of avoiding a General Election.


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