Crazy Gordon – on tax

The Blair Brown Regime has performed a Crazy Gordon on tax.

Gordon Brown started the week by claiming to be the best friend of the Middle Classes, itself a Crazy Gordon only a few days after an announcement that only New Improved Formula One Labour could protect the Lower Classes from the greedy and evil Middle Classes, only to perform a Crazy Gordon by advertising a contract for yet another Big Brother surveillance database to target the Middle Classes and squeeze them further with new taxes.

The new database is required to hold internal and external photographs of every private home in England and Wales, together with photographs of owners and their personal details. The purpose is to dramatically increase Local Government taxes after the next General Election – should the Blair Brown Regime cling on to power. It is expected that revaluation of private homes will result in a doubling of Council Tax, severely affecting some of the most vulnerable elements of society who are still considered Middle Class by the outdated class war warriors of the Blair Brown Regime.

Some commentators have suggested that this is not a major policy change but an example of incompetence in not realizing the massive new expenditure on yet another costly database had to be advertized before award of contract. They point out that the only reason Gordon Brown claimed to be the best friend of the Middle Classes, was because the Regime realized that without heavy Middle Class support, they will not only lose the next General Election but may even cease to be a major political party in Britain.


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