Critical primary victories for endorsed candidates, Jim Jordan is the Speaker we deserve, and other things you need to know

It was a busy week on the political front for Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, with three of our four endorsed candidates for the House of Representatives winning their runoff races and capturing the Republican nomination in their districts! In Texas’ 21st district, Chip Roy was declared the winner and will face off against Democrat Joseph Kopser in the fall. Veteran Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw won convincingly in Texas’ 2nd congressional district, setting up a general election matchup with Democrat Todd Litton. Mike Cloud also won his runoff in Texas’ 27th district in a rout and will campaign against Democrat Eric Holguin in the general election. Conservative Bunni Pounds ran a strong campaign in Texas’ 5th district but came up just short and we wish her the best going forward. In Kentucky’s 4th district, Rep. Thomas Massie was unopposed in the Republican primary and will face Democrat Seth Hall in the fall.

So far in the 2018 cycle, three TPPCF-endorsed candidates for Senate have won their primaries and 14 of our endorsed candidates won their House primaries! Thank you so much for your hard work in supporting these candidates so far, things are shaping up very nicely in the fall. For more information on TPPCF endorsed candidates, including statements congratulating primary winners, point your browser to

This week, Jenny Beth and Our Man in Washington Bill Pascoe signed a letter with more than 100 conservative leaders urging Rep. Jim Jordan to publicly declare his candidacy for Speaker of the House. Jenny Beth also made the case for why Jim Jordan would be the best leader to help President Trump succeed in passing his agenda into law in her weekly column for The Hill. She wrote, “Jordan has demonstrated repeatedly that he has the vision, the determination, and the team-building ability necessary to engineer legislative wins… Perhaps most importantly, he will champion Trump’s agenda rather than resist it. He already guards it to ensure the bills the House passes actually move toward the Trump agenda, rather than continue the way things have always worked in Washington. Jordan and Trump understand better than others how the president’s agenda impacts the daily lives of regular Americans, and how much they want to drain the swamp.” Be sure to read the whole column and share it on your social media channels!

Are you as fed up as we are with Congress’ lazy two and a half day work weeks at a time when our budget and nomination processes are broken? Are you sick of gigantic omnibus bills spending over a trillion dollars that are introduced days before a funding deadline that get next to no scrutiny before they are passed into law? We are working with a coalition of conservative groups and leaders who are fed up too! We are working to #MakeCongressWorkAgain and we hope you will help us! Sign the pledge for an honest government and find out how you can get involved!

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What You Need to Know this Week

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Calls President Trump’s Rescissions Package “Good First Step,” Calls for Balanced Budget in 5 Years

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in response to Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) introducing President Trump’s rescissions package in the U.S. Senate….
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Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Congress has disappointed the American people’

In the last 17 months in office, President Trump has accomplished a lot and has kept his campaign promises. Congress, on the other hand, has continued to disappoint the American people, failing to repeal Obamacare and passing a massive $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill….
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Jenny Beth’s Journal: The president is making the U.S.-Israel relationship great again

For eight years under former President Obama, the U.S. stressed our relationship and special bond with our only democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel….
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