D-Day in Eastleigh


If the voter intention polls are to be believed, UKIP’s Diane James is on track to achieve a major political upset. If she does win, it will be a remarkable performance and indicate the depth of anger amongst voters for the three old failed Parties

The Eastleigh by-election has the potential for a major political upset


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The voters of Eastleigh have the chance to strike back today.

It seems that the turnout will not be high but perhaps better than many recent by-elections.

The Labour/National Socialist campaign shows every sign of stalling and becoming a major problem for Milliband.

The LibDem campaign seems to be crashing and burning, emulating Radio Calamity Clegg earlier this week when Clegg only wanted to talk about winning Eastleigh and those phoning the show only wanted to know about the latest LibDem sex scandal and cover-up.

The Tories are curiously trying to play down any expectations that they will beat the LibDems. With the LibDems crashing and the UK Independence Party still surging, that suggests the Tories expect the result to be:


2. LibDem/Sleaze party

3. Tory/Conservatives

4. Labour/National Socialist

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