Dance of Death

The British voters voted for chaos and thats what they got. The three old failed parties are engaged in a grim dance of death as they each try to wring party victory from defeat.

Bottler Brown (National Socialist Party) apparently got off to a bad start by venting his rage on Nick Clog (Whig Party) and offering a blatant bribe, followed by a flood of threats. Bottler’s aides denied that he called Clog a bigot. This pushed Clog close to a deal with Cameron (Tory Party) but as the Whigs and the Tories have been enemies for centuries, it may be difficult to stitch up a deal that their followers will accept.

In the end there will be another General Election and the Tories are already considering October 14 2010.

In the meantime, Bottler is building barricades in 10 Downing Street in the hope that occupation of the Prime Minister’s official residence will allow him to cling on as Prime Minister. There are rumors that the SAS is preparing for an assault on Downing Street – that will teach Bottler and his henchmen for telling SAS commanders in Iraq that SAS troops lives were far less important than Blair Brown Regime propaganda. On that occasion the SAS put up a two finger salute to the Regime and sent an assault team to rescue their comrades.

As the finance industry works through the wreckage that is Greece, the day is nearing when they will turn their attention on Britain. If Cameron and Clog cant tie a deal up first, the British voters will end up paying as the cost of Government and private debt rises.
Weekend Newsdesk

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