Defence Questions for Election Candidates – VfB

There are now only a little over three weeks to go until polling day on the 8th June. Brexit has been the key issue in the campaign so far, and it is vital that Defence is part of this discussion.

At VfB, we have devised our own 7 Questions on Defence to help you test your local candidates. We hope you might be able to use them at hustings events across the country now that candidates are known and parties have begun to publish their manifestos.

We’d be interested to know the result if you do use them.

VfB’s 7 Questions for General Election Candidates

  1. Do you support the NATO alliance? 
  2. Do you agree that the UK should not give away any defence decision-making to the EU?
  3. Do you believe the UK should concede any control of its defence policy to the EU to win favour as part of the Brexit negotiations?
  4. Do you believe the NATO alliance should not be undermined by the EU assuming a duplicating role?
  5. What is your view on whether the European Commission, despite Brexit, should try to engage directly with UK defence manufacturers to build a common EU defence industry?
  6. Do you believe that the UK should be part of an EU Defence Single Market, under the auspices of the EU Defence Fund?
  7. Should the UK be part of a common EU military command structure?

Please use these questions in hustings, on the street, and in responding to canvassers. We must put pressure on ALL political parties to commit to ensuring the best possible future for UK defence as part of NATO, co-operating with our European allies, but not commanded by the EU.

Yours sincerely,

David Banks

Head of Communications
Veterans for Britain