Democratic Debate Update, Jenny Beth Martin’s perspective, and things that drive us crazy

On Saturday, the people of the great state of Nevada will show up to caucus, and if the latest polls are any indication, will caucus largely in favor of a self-proclaimed socialist.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Bernie Sanders is leading the 2020 Democratic Presidential pack by 14% in Nevada, and is expected to receive roughly 30% of the Democratic vote. Joe Biden is currently in second place, with Pete Buttigieg trailing closely behind.


Going into the Nevada Democratic Debate, Wednesday, the question was would any of the candidate’s performances really be able to give them a late surge in Nevada? And based on the latest polling data, that doesn’t appear likely.


Bernie didn’t have the best debate performance of this election cycle, but he did more than enough to hold off Biden in second place. All that happened as a result of the Democratic debate was that Buttigieg started gaining on Biden, after yet another weak showing from old Joe; along with any semblance of “klobmentum” vanishing. Amy Klobuchar was caught off guard and bested by Buttigieg on multiple occasions.


The debate was by far the most fiery one yet, but despite the candidates finally choosing to attack each other — for Nevada, it was too little, too late.


Oh, did we mention Michael Bloomberg was there? Yea, he didn’t really do much other than call Bernie Sanders a communist (which is accurate).


So, come Saturday, it looks like a communist will win the Nevada Democratic Caucus, moving him one step closer to winning the Democratic Nomination.


Yet, another reason why it is imperative for you to get out and VOTE in November!

With Democrats looking like they’re about to nominate a socialist, along with undoubtedly fabricating yet another hoax against our President — now, more than ever, we need your help!


Join us today, and pledge to support our President against the Democrats incessant attacks.



After the Nevada Democratic Debate, our Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin had a message for the American people: Don’t buy the Democrats’ lies, there is no Centrist Democrat running for President.

ICYMI: Our Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the Nevada Democratic Debate, and the upcoming Nevada Caucus.



You know what drives us crazy? Michael Bloomberg belittling America’s farmers.

A video resurfaced from 2016 showing Michael Bloomberg belittling American farmers, saying,

“I can teach anybody – even people in this room, so no offense intended – to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, you add water, up comes corn. You can learn that.”

What Bloomberg is inferring, is that he believes that anyone can be a farmer. He believes it isn’t a skill or a talent, rather it’s just a simple process. And this elitist mentality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Now, compare that with the Trump Administrations’ view of farming, that can be seen in this Mike Pence tweet:



The views are polar opposite – one supports American farmers, the other belittles them. Which will you choose?

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