Democrats more worried about your air conditioner than ISIS


Within the past few weeks, a gunman killed nine people and wounded more than 15 at a shopping center in Munich, a priest was beheaded in front of the altar in Normandy, and a terrorist drove a truck through a crowd in Nice.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry is going around the world saying that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat as the Islamic state.

And the Democrats won’t even mention ISIS or radical Islamic terrorism during their national Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Democrats refuse to take ISIS seriously because they know one of their major party platforms is the root of the problem: uncontrolled immigration and open borders.

If you think we need to secure our borders and keep the terrorists out, I ask for your immediate support of $25, $50, $75, or $100 right away.

For years Tea Party Patriots has been fighting for stricter immigration control and secure borders.

In the terrorist attacks throughout Europe there is one common thread: uncontrolled immigration and open borders are leading to an increase in brutal attacks by Islamic extremists.

Germany has seen four attacks in just the past week.

It’s no coincidence that the open door policy to all Syria refugees resulted in more than one million people entering the country last year and now we’re seeing a wave of terrorism.

In the United States, we must demand that our leaders take our safety and security seriously, which is why it’s vital that we secure our borders immediately and implement a tracking system to know exactly who is visiting on visas.

Tea Party Patriots is putting pressure on our political leaders to ensure that immigration reform is a top priority, and we need your support to continue the fight.

While more than 70% of Americans want to see border security before anything else happens, the establishment in Washington isn’t listening.

In 2013, a Department of Homeland Security Act mandated that a comprehensive biographic and biometric entry and exit tracking system be implemented.

This simply means keeping clear records of all visitors’ names, passport numbers, photos, and finger prints.

In a nation where 40% of illegal immigrants entered legally with a visa, but never left the country, cracking down on those who have overstayed their visas is critical to our safety.

Yet the government has not implemented this necessary and important law, which was passed to help protect us from those who aren’t supposed to be in the country.

We could have terrorists right under our nose, but the government hasn’t kept the proper records for us to know who is here illegally right now.

It’s up to you and I to continue putting the pressure on our elected leaders to take ISIS seriously, realize the importance of securing our borders, and tracking all those who enter our country.

Will you help Tea Party Patriots to make our voices heard on this issue?

We have sent letters to Congress, demanded action on this issue, and been a leading voice in the fight to secure our borders.

Between the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the Democrats’ inability to address this issue, it’s more important now than ever before that we demand our leaders take action.

Tracking those who overstay their visas and securing our borders will keep you and I safe.

As we’ve seen in Europe, open borders and welcoming in “refugees” is a recipe for disaster.

Please give whatever you can today, so we have the resources to continuing fighting for secure borders and immigration control!

In liberty,

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