Deranged debates, a tea party reunion, things that drive us crazy, and more…

The last two nights, we saw Democrats battle for the 2020 nomination. Some of the outlandish things the candidates said expose the reasons why we can’t let them take office:

As President Trump’s tweet stated, have you noticed that they’re all the same?! All of the candidates – from the top tier to low tier to no tier – hold the same extreme and deranged positions on issues. Democrat voters have said they want whichever candidate will beat President Trump, and in the general election, the Democrat nominee will need to appear more moderate. But, none of them, even the Democrats who claim to be so, are moderate. They all support socialist programs, more government control, and less liberty. We all have to spend the next year and a half educating other Americans about freedom, and how the radical Left will take their freedoms away if they win in 2020.

Project Veritas, an organization well-known for exposing the Left, released a new undercover video this week exposing Google’s agenda to “prevent” the next “Trump situation.” They mean to influence the election by monitoring and censoring content that hurts the Left’s cause. We thank Project Veritas for revealing the Left’s treachery and getting the truth out there about big tech’s political agenda. It’s not surprising that Google, who owns YouTube, removed the video as it neared 1 million views. You can read the article, as well as watch the full video, here.

Individuals and businesses are fleeing high-tax states to find financial refuge in low-tax states. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed, it placed a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions. States like New York, California and New Jersey are taking a hit while low-tax states are highly benefiting as wealthier Americans move there and bring a booming economy with them. Now, let’s hope the people moving don’t bring left-wing politics with them!


Who’s to blame? Not President Trump or the Republicans. The state and local governments of New York, California and New Jersey saw this coming and now they’re paying for it, literally. Look at New York City council’s recent $93 billion budget which includes a 6% raise for city bureaucrats, 9% for city employee benefits, 11% boost to “free” health care, a 12% pad to public assistance programs, and so much more. Most of these entitlements don’t even benefit the top 10% who provide more than 70% of all taxes in the city nor do they benefit the average person living there. No one likes to pay taxes for bloated, unnecessary, and corrupt expenditures. State and local governments are just as guilty of wasteful spending as the federal government and it’s showing in the latest tax law.

And we thought it was over! Next month, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before two House committees about his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. After he resisted for months to not testify, declaring that the released report was his testimony, Mueller is agreeing to drag this investigation on. Democrats can continue to count on their friend Mueller to keep the Russia Hoax story alive, as they are desperate to make new headlines. However, the American people are tired of this time-consuming and expensive investigation and are ready to move on. It’s time for Washington to do the same.

Mark your calendars for September 19! We’re going back to Washington! The rally will feature appearances from Jenny Beth Martin and patriots like Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Andy Biggs, and more. Additional speakers and the time will be announced as we get closer to the event. Join us for our ten-year reunion and remind The Swamp that we will never give up the fight! More details available here.

You know what drives us crazy? The hypocrisy of the Left on climate change! Pink Floyd’s axeman David Gilmour auctioned his guitars for $21 million to ClientEarth.


He recently tweeted, “The global climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face, and we are within a few years of the effects of global warming being irreversible. We need a civilized world that goes on for all our grandchildren and beyond in which these guitars can be played and songs can be sung.”


Meanwhile, Pink Floyd’s last North American tour didn’t really demonstrate the same the urgency about the supposed climate change problem. In fact, here’s what the tour entailed:

  • 28 semis, each with a 48-foot long trailer;
  • 8 crew buses;
  • 5 rental cars, runner vans and cars;
  • 5 vans for the band itself from the hotel to the stadium, along with up to seven golf carts at the arena;
  • 9 forklifts, one cherry picker, one 35-ton mobile crane and one 60-ton mobile crane;
  • 40 persons who arrived either on board their private, charter aircraft, or via commercial airlines;
  • A small truck required to transport the band party’s luggage to and from the hotel and airport;
  • The band carried its own generator to power its massive lighting, laser, and amplification rig; and
  • A 24-hour emergency 800-KVA generator.


When was the last time you used up that much energy for one job? If the Left wants to talk the talk, they should at least walk the walk. We’re not buying it.


Another thing that drives us crazy is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez using the border crisis as a political publicity stunt, and her advocacy for open border policies that would hurt Americans. The Left has no qualms about protecting all illegal immigrants, including those that are dangerous criminals. Angel dad Steve Ronneback, whose son was murdered by an illegal immigrant, called Ocasio-Cortez out on her “ridiculous rhetoric” comparing immigration enforcement to concentration camps. “What the American people don’t understand is that it’s going to happen to them or to somebody they know, at this point with so many people coming across our border,” he said during a press conference.


Let us also not forget the illegal immigrant who brutally raped a woman last year in front of her three-year-old child and then attacked her again two days after being released from jail, where the sanctuary policies of Seattle and King County, WA prohibited notifying ICE that a violent, convicted rapist – here illegally – was being released into the community. Then there was the recent murder of seven bikers by a drunk-driving legal immigrant who should have been deported for his prior convictions. While this immigrant was legally here from Ukraine, his green card didn’t protect him from deportation once he committed his first crime. However, regarding interior enforcement of immigration laws, Nancy Pelosi recently asked, “What’s the point?” Sorry, Nancy, if you were to ask the families of the victims, they would probably tell you the point, Nancy, is protecting Americans from criminals that shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Have the open border Democrats paid a visit to the devastated families of the bikers or to the women who was victimized twice and is now in hiding because the rapist is on the run? Democrats would rather protect illegal immigrants than citizens who are unsafe in their own communities; and that drives us crazy! 

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