Doctors are in DC *today* to fight for you!

Today is the second day of America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in Washington, DC, a meeting of physicians from across the country who share their hands-on experience treating Covid-19.  With your help over the last few months, Tea Party Patriots Action was able to organize and pay for this critically important event, along with a new organization, America’s Frontline Doctors.

This summit is vital to the future of our country because the media and the left is using COVID as yet another method to oust President Trump, as well as oppress the people and groups they hate, such as Christians.


You and I can speak all day about the science of reopening schools and effective treatments available, and the media will ignore us or call us liars. However, doctors who have the training, the credentials, the first-hand knowledge and frontline experience dealing with patients cannot be ignored or brushed aside.


Our President needs this kind of visible, public, and outspoken support for reopening the economy and schools, and so it was an honor to work with the doctors of America’s Frontline Doctors to put this event together.


I also want to thank you! This summit would not have happened without your support. I love being able to tell you about exactly where your financial support Tea Party Patriots Action goes, and show you how you are making a difference. With your help, we were able to organize and pay for this event. Your support paid for the venue, audio/video equipment, catering and transportation in DC for the doctors, and travel/lodging for social media influencers.


These doctors are taking time out of their busy schedules and volunteering their time to help our country and our President, and your support made it possible to feed them and help them get around the city to the various locations of the summit. We also wanted to ensure that this event would have a wide social media reach since social media is now as powerful as traditional media, and again, your support made this possible.


This event literally couldn’t have happened without you.


And, if you would like to continue supporting this kind of groundbreaking and influential work, please consider a gift of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can give, so that together we can restore the American way of life.


When the message from our doctors punches through the wall of lies from the media and the left, and Americans stop being overly fearful and paranoid, please know that you made it happen.

With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin