Doctor’s licenses threatened – you can help defend them

Do you see what’s happening? Do you see the escalating and coordinated effort to suppress early treatment options for Covid patients, while at the same time unconstitutionally and immorally trying to force people to inject substances into their bodies they don’t want?


It’s bad enough that the federal government and the media demonize and lie about legal and safe treatment options for Covid. Now medical boards and associations are getting in on the act.


As I write this email to you, the following boards and associations have released statements threatening physicians who try to save the lives of their patients by using Covid treatments that work, or who publicly voice concerns they have about the Covid vaccines.

  • Federation of State Medical Boards
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Pediatrics

They are threatening disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation doctors’ medical licenses!


I want to let you know that we stood with doctors in July, 2020 to tell the truth to the American people about early treatment options (yes, even that long ago, these brave doctors were already treating people), and we are standing with them again today.


We’ve now updated our Just Say No to unAmerican Medical Mandates How-to Guide to include all of the action necessary for you to defend the courageous doctors who are risking their medical licenses to provide people like you and me with care – to potentially save our lives. We’ve done all the research and put it together for you, so that you can easily contact these corrupt boards and associations.


And, while you’re at it, please sign up to host a protest in your community for Wednesday, September 22nd. We need both kinds of action to stop the mandates and defend doctors and nurses – we need behind the scenes calls and emails, as well as public protest. The how-to guide I mentioned will walk you through organizing everything from a simple sign waving event at a busy intersection to a more complicated, larger protest event.


When you sign up, we’ll send you the how-to guide and the schedule for the conference calls we are holding over the next couple of weeks to help you plan.


There are many of you – employees and employers – who have said: we will not comply. We are fighting with you, and with the doctors and nurses who are upholding their oaths to their patients, who are trying to save lives.


Sign up today, and help us show all of the tyrants that the American people will not submit. And if you appreciate the work our team is doing, please consider a financial gift so that we may keep fighting.


In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin