Does your bank think you’re a bigot?

How do you feel about your bank telling you you’re a bigot? Or, the airline you fly on telling you you’re a racist? Or your favorite drink company, the company that makes the medicine you take, and the sports teams you watch, all smearing you, telling you you’re depriving other Americans of their right to vote simply because you think it should be easy to vote but hard to cheat?

Would you love to hold them accountable for becoming nothing more than mouthpieces for the radical left?


The left’s corporate activism has been operating in the background for years, whether through boycotts and negative publicity, shareholder activism, or pressure/intimidation from left-wing officials. This was clear as day, most recently, when multiple corporations tried to bully Georgia into dropping their election integrity legislation. It was clear these CEOs hadn’t even read the bill.


Inserting themselves between the people – the voters – and our elected officials is despicable. America wants nothing to do with tyrannical oligarchs. It’s time for conservatives to step up and show these companies that there are consequences when they wage into legislative battles that have nothing to do with them.


That’s why Tea Party Patriots Action is launching an initiative to combat corporate tyranny. Our first undertaking is a massive research project to create the definitive database on every major corporation in the country.


In order for you to take action, you need to know what these companies are doing, and you need the contact and social media information of CEOs and Boards of Directors at your fingertips, because those men and women need to feel pressure from conservatives to balance the pressure they’re under from radical leftists.


If you can help us build out this database by supporting the work with a gift of $25, $50, $100, or an amount that works with your budget, we can get it built sooner. If we can finish it sooner, that means you can get in the fight sooner.


I know there is so much to do; so many fires to put out. Putting pressure on corporations to get back to doing business and serving their customers with excellence is something you and I can do, even as we fight on other fronts.


“Wokeness” and cancel culture cannot be allowed to stand. Right now, they have an advantage, but with your help, they won’t have that advantage for long.

Let’s get in the fight,


Jenny Beth Martin