Don’t Let Them Repeal the First Amendment





Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats have repealed the 1st amendment and replaced it with the 28th amendment which allows Congress to regulate political speech. The 28th amendment also explicitly reinforces freedom of the press, which allows the New York Times to continue to enjoy its freedom under the 1st amendment, but Congress now has the power to silence individuals like you and me.

Do we have your attention? The previous paragraph isn’t a reality YET, but it could be if we don’t take action right now. On Tuesday, June 3rd, the Senate Judiciary Committee will have a hearing on S.J. Res. 19 which would repeal the 1st amendment.

What can you do?

STEP 1: Call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Harry Reid, and the sponsors of this legislation and tell them not to repeal the 1st amendment. Click to make calls now>

STEP 2: Go to your Senator’s local office on Tuesday, June 3rd at noon local time to tell them not to repeal the 1st amendment. Click to find out more>

Think this is too crazy to be real? 

More than 3/4ths of Senate Democrats (41 out of 53) want to regulate political speech, even though the 1st amendment explicitly says:

“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech…”

We can’t let Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats succeed. We’ve already seen that Democrats from both the House and Senate have coordinated with the IRS to target us in secret. Now they are coming out in the open to try to achieve the same goal.

It’s time to stand up.
It’s time to Save Our Speech.
It’s time to stop them from repealing the 1st amendment!

In liberty,
The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team