DONT PANIC – Its only Global Cooling

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The Good News and the Bad News

– but first the Bad News

Climate Change is very far from being a settled science. As a result, any prediction of the future climatic conditions are at best an inspired guess. For ten years, the Global Warmers have been the most vocal climate lobby and politicians have recently woken up to the huge power the fear of Global Warming presents to them.

However, a growing number of scientists are coming to predict Global Cooling. This will probably not make any difference to the dodgy traders who have been gearing up to make a killing from trading carbon futures, they will just claim that Global Cooling proves that man is destroying the planet by generating carbon, with the same ease they have been claiming pollution as the only cause of Global Warming.

One vocal group of scientists, mostly made up of scientists without a specialization in climatology, have been predicting an increase of global temperature by as much as 15 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. Global Warming Fundamentalists have been claiming that these temperatures will be achieved in a few years.

Another group of scientists, who have received less attention, probably because they are climate specialists, have observed that a twenty five year period of increasing temperatures began in 1975, following a period of global cooling. They also observed that the period from 2000 has been one of overall temperature stability with some areas seeing rising temperatures and others seeing reductions. They predicted that 2008 would be a year of global cooling and this seems to be an accurate prediction with an overall reduction in global temperature having taken place.

Global Warming Fanatics have been outraged and some claim that this only demonstrates that the 2009 temperature rise will be larger than previously predicted, just to catch up with the predicted increases in temperature by computer models built on the data from 1975 to 1999 – overlooking the fact that these models ignored the period of global stability from 2000 to 2007, but assumed a trend established over the twenty five year period of increases would continue or accelerate.

Those noting global cooling believe that we could see a period of up to thirty years where temperatures fall. However, there is as much debate amongst Global Coolers, as amongst Global Warmers, over exactly how much change will take place and for how long, with much debate over the fifty year probabilities.

Just to make life interesting, a very small group of climate specialists are pointing out that we are still in a period of very stable temperatures that began more than two thousand years ago. They believe that this stable period could continue on into the future, with detailed fluctuations during the last century being leveled out across the 2000 year period. However, some members of this group have pointed out that caution is needed because we could be at the end of one two thousand year climate cycle and about to enter another cycle that cannot be predicted.

If we accept that man is the only factor responsible for Climate Change, an acceptance that turns all assembled historical knowledge on its head, the primary factor is industrial pollution, triggered by a desire-lead consumer society. As the consumer society, which was confined to North America and Europe, is now a global phenomena that is reaching even the most remote populations, the problem can only grow. As consumerism spreads around the world, nutrition and medical standards improve, helping to speed the growth of an already dramatically growing global population.

Masochists, mainly in the European Union, are busy beating themselves with new carbon restrictions in the pious hope that their example will shame other countries into following their path. In a deepening economic recession, approaching a severe depression, they seek to make conditions even worse by hampering their citizens’ ability to recover economically. In reality, some countries are now considering economic threats to be much more immediate and important than climatic threats, creating a reliable excuse for ignoring the issues of global climate change. Other countries are continuing their established policies of closing the wealth gap with Northern Hemisphere communities by expanding their industrial capacity. In this situation, the best the European Union can hope for is to slow the rate of increasing carbon output by a few percentage points.

And Now the Good News

Yet another group of scientists have just voiced their concerns for the future. They have been studying the volcanic activity beneath the Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America. This is now a very mature study based on work that goes back more than seventy years. The scientists have now concluded that the volcanic activity follows a 600,000 year cycle between cataclysmic events. They have stated that the area is now 50,000 years overdue for the next major event. This means that a major eruption is likely at any time and prior warning may have already have been given by a large series of minor seismic shocks, several hundred having been monitored during the last few months.

Further credence is given, to the fears of an imminent cataclysmic event, by measurements that show the floor of the Yellowstone Lake, under which lies the caldera, has risen more than 100 feet during the last few years, suggesting a build up of magma in the chamber beneath the lake.

If the next eruption follows the previous major event, 650,000 years ago, a nuclear winter will be created and global temperatures will fall 10 degrees Celsius almost overnight.

The scientists have noted that the US Federal Government has no adequate contingency plans to deal with such an event and food production in North America would be stopped for decades, possibly centuries. Some early forecasts suggest that the global population would fall rapidly to less than 10% of its current level, industrial production would be severely disrupted, and it would take centuries to recover. These events would not be confined to North America but affect the entire planet.

This would offer a very effective natural solution to the perceived problem that carbon production is causing global warming. However, taxpayers be warmed – if the politicians catch on to this latest fear generator, taxes could rise even more rapidly as they invest in nuclear winter-proof bunkers for themselves and their cronies.


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