We need total change. Because, the CONgress party has messed up India.
The days of the BJP and Communists too are over. In such a vacuum,
let us work on my following simple agenda :


Broadly Risks

Firetrench Directory

* People’s Manifesto
* People’s Candidates
* People’s Planning and Budgeting
* People’s Policing
* People’s Judges or Courts
* People’s President and Vice President of India
to usher in a truly People’s Govt as per the opening words of the Preamble
to our Constitution, “WE, THE PEOPLE”.

If some of us can work on this, I am game. Infact, let us invite 111 persons
from all over India. The known, serious, sincere activists who will work as
a team. And I will throw up complete proposal how (like Mamta Didi) we
can snatch the power at the Centre. I do not mind having her in our group,
because she is simple, and not corrupt.

Please phone me on 022-28872741, or if you happen to be in Mumbai,
please do visit me.

See my another email on the grave irregularities in the Presidential and
Vice Presidential election, and let me know your opinion and strategy. I want
to revive this petition and list it before the full (17 judges) Constitution Bench
of the Supreme Court of India. I will tell you how by implementing my
Executive President idea we can do away with unelected PM and end the
two party rule and bring about a Partyless Govt.

Let us discuss superior ideas, superior vision rather than the cacophony of
frogs in the well.

Dr. Leo Rebello
World Peace Envoy
Tel. 022-28872741
Website: www.healthwisdom.org / http://ailwa.tripod.com

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