Draining The Swamp – British Constitutional Crisis






Its out of control judges and anti-democratic crybabies against The People

So its Fat Cat Vested Interests 2 People 0 but that assumes the People won’t fight back.













When despots defy The People, it ends badly for the despots

This is a very dangerous situation that in many countries would lead rapidly to armed insurrection and the vested interests swinging merrily from convenient lamp posts. The days when that ‘couldn’t possibly happen in law observing Britain’ may be over and it will be tragic that a few spoilt children with the money to hire costly lawyers can overturn the national vote of the British People and tell Parliament what and when business can be transacted in the once renowned democratic Parliament that evolved from Magna Carta and cost rivers of blood to achieve.















Three people who contributed to the Constitutional Crisis

However, reprehensible Gina Miller may be, the real architects of the crisis are Blair, Cameron and May. Blair created the Supreme Court as a junior partner to the European Court. Cameron reluctantly delivered a referendum on EU Membership and promised to implement the will of the people on 24th June 2016, believing they could be coerced into voting to REMAIN. Then he did a runner without delivering on his promise. May was then anointed as PM by the Establishment as a safe pair of hands to frustrate the Will of the People. She has played her part brilliantly by dithering and giving the vested interests time to regroup while continuing to sluice millions of pounds every day down the EU sewer.






Do you REMAINIAC Punks Feel Lucky?


So its now time to Drain the Swamp and the question is how it can be done without resorting to the level of violence that all out Civil War would bring.

Social Media offers one solution. Everyone can make themselves a royal pain for REMAINIACS and REMOANERS. Name and shame the Quislings who would betray the People for their own personal advantages. Discuss the steps required to reform, or replace, the now corrupt system of Rotten Boroughs, the NHS Monster, the European Community Act, the Brussels Dictatorship, the over mighty Courts, the plague of lawyers and all that is now so wrong with society.

Campaign for the replacement of the Supreme Court.

Campaign for the reconstruction of the House of Lords AKA the House of Cronies.

Campaign for an emergency General Election to remove Dithering Doris and her remainers.

Make life uncomfortable for Dithering Doris in her remaining months. Encourage POTUS to exert his power to influence British Government to honour the democratic LEAVE vote.

Never give up, Never surrender, fight for democracy and freedom