Ed Balls Tipped to Head new Super Ministry

ed balls

Ed “Popeye” Balls is being tipped to lead a new Super Ministry.

As ministerial resignations fall thick and fast on “Bottler” Brown’s desk, he is running out of people to replace them with.

There has been criticism within Labour of suggestions that “Popeye” Balls is being selected to replace “Dobbin” Darling as Chancellor. They point out that when Balls was a junior Brown noser he was the moron who convinced “Bottler” Brown (then Chancellor) to raid British pensions, stealing GB£5 billion a year from pension funds.

Commentators outside the Labour Party have suggested that he has demonstrated his serial incompetence in every job he has been given.

Its a grim prospect if he now becomes the Minister for economics, foreign affairs, schools, local government and regions, agriculture and any other departments of Government no longer headed by a Minister.

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