Election 2015 – Will Weird Ed honour his stone pladges – Hell No!!!!


Lucy Powell Gaffe: Miliband Might Break #EdStone Promises
by WikiGuido


Lucy Powell has dropped another spectacular clanger. Asked on 5Live this morning whether having to carve their pledges into stone was a sign the public didn’t trust them, Labour’s election chief inexplicably replied:

“I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he’s carved them into stone means, you know, means that he will absolutely, you know, not going to break them or anything like that.”

So there you have it. Labour’s pledges are not even worth the stone they are carved on…
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And he went up the mountain to ask God for directions and Nicola said…….

And he brought down tablets of stone and they were to be his memorial

So goeth the Quisling Milliband

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