Election called for the Democrats

The media pundits are already calling the election for the Democrats.

Help us prove them wrong before Saturday’s HUGE FEC Quarterly Deadline >>>



After more than a year of Democrats and their liberal base resisting our president, we STILL don’t know what they stand for as the Democrat Party. All we know is that they are obstructing, resisting, and name-calling.

We are doing just that in Congress. From rolling back burdensome regulations to standing up for American priorities overseas, we are implementing tangible solutions. Instead of working for the American people, the Democrats continue to resist.

If Nancy Pelosi wins back the Speaker’s seat, we will witness historic obstruction like our country has never seen before.

We must ensure our president has a majority that will help him accomplish his agenda.

Will you help elect conservatives before Saturday’s crucial FEC Quarterly Deadline?

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Devin Nunes

House Committee on Intelligence Chair

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