Email your MP *now* about the EU Withdrawal Bill

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Your MP along with others has this week begun debating 100s of amendments to the government’s Repeal Bill.  The Repeal Bill is essential to Brexit because it begins the process of taking back control.

As you know, many MPs are trying to stop Brexit.

Some of them say they ‘accept the result’ but they are nonetheless trying to amend the Repeal Bill to keep the UK in the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union or to delay the process for as long as possible.  These MPs know that if we stay in the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union we do not take back control of our borders, laws, money or trade and we will not have left the EU.  They want to overturn the referendum result by the back door and to keep us in the EU.

We need to ensure that the Repeal Bill gets through the House of Commons without any amendments that would undermine Brexit.

MPs voted to support the first stage of the Repeal Bill in September.  We asked you to help then and more than 30,000 of you emailed your MPs to ask them to vote to support the Bill and support Brexit.  Now MPs, including yours, are voting on amendments and it is vital that we apply pressure again.

Will you help once again by clicking here here to go to our website and in just a few clicks send an email to your MP.

We know it makes a difference.

Thank you for continued support and please act now.

Gisela Stuart, Chair, Change Britain

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