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When Parliament returns next month your MP will be asked to vote again on Brexit.   This time the vote will be on the government’s Repeal Bill – a law which is essential to allow the UK to leave the EU.

If MPs vote for the Repeal Bill we can start to take back control of the powers the UK has given to Brussels over the last 40 years.   

Labour and the Conservatives committed in their manifestos to respect the result of the referendum.  But some MPs have said they will try to block the Repeal Bill.  They want to delay the process of leaving the EU and to keep Britain in the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union.

They want to stop us taking back control of our borders, laws, money and trade and to leave control in the hands of EU bureaucrats and their friends in the multinational corporations and banks.

That is why it is vital that your MP votes to support the Repeal Bill.

Today I’m asking for your help.  Click this link to email your MP and ask them to support the Repeal Bill.

We know that your emails make a difference.  Please help make Brexit happen and email your MP now.

If you have friends and family who support Brexit and want to help, forward this message to them so that they can email their MP too.

Tens of thousands of you have already acted to make a difference.  Act now and with your help we can involve thousands more and change this country for the better.

Thank you. Click here to email your MP now.

Gisela Stuart, Chair, Change Britain

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