End of the Peer Show Day One

The End of the Peer Show, AKA Labour Party Conference 2009, got off to bumpy start. Political Peer Baroness Scotland stole the show with her scandal. “Bottler” Brown was asked on BBC (AKA Blair Brown Communications) TV by BlairBrown Regime groupie Marr if he took drugs. Not clear yet if this was a clumsy spin attempt to counter the increasing number of stories on the Internet that “Bottler” is addicted to a drug cocktail similar to that given to Michael Jackson. If it was a spin attempt it backfired with “Bottler” looking shifty and dishonest – but then he usually does whatever the question.

In the Conference hall “Bottler” gave what had been billed as the speech of his life to an almost empty hall. Maybe the delegates were all out job hunting in preparation for a post-Regime world.

Dan X

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