ERS News: So-called ID trials, campaign regulation and abuse in public life

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What were these ‘so-called’ trials of voter ID supposed to prove?

One of the great mysteries of the voter ID trials in May’s English local elections was what exactly the trials were meant to be testing…

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From rule-breakers to foreign influencers, our democracy is under threat

The Electoral Commission has fined Vote Leave, the official pro-Brexit campaign, £61,000 for breaking electoral law during the 2016 EU referendum. This could be a game-changer…

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Revealed: Abuse and harassment in Welsh politics is rife. Here’s how to stamp it out

We got a sense of the shocking scale of abuse in Westminster last year. But there has been relatively little heard about the issues surrounding harassment and diverse representation in Wales…

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Why pressure is growing from the PM’s own ranks to back votes at 16

British politics is becoming increasingly unpredictable – that much we know. But there are some things which are becoming increasingly certain. One of those is the likelihood of 16- and 17-year-olds getting the vote across the UK…

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Electoral reform for Love Island?

What’s not to like about Love Island? A group of good-looking singletons enter a villa in the hopes of finding love, and we the public, get to vote on what goes on…

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The need to rein in the ‘online wild west’ is now being recognised

Following a series of scandals around fake news, foreign interference, and misuse of personal data, the Electoral Commission acknowledged earlier this week that “our democracy may be under threat”…

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The campaign for truly local democracy in Scotland is growing

On a rare sunny Saturday in Glasgow, around 500 people gathered, not to drink cocktails in the shade, but to discuss the future of Scottish democracy: a new vision for ‘taking power back’ for communities……

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